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    exact same issue, only on _some_ toons. not others. tried deleting those toon's WTF folder - no change. 


    it's weird how much this bothers me, the addon may still be functional but i might have to delete it til update/fix. 


    -- did you ever find a fix?

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    i also use moveanything so that my bag tooltips are in the lower right corner of the screen. it's really annoying to mouseover stuff and then it obscures your bags and pointer - now - 


    _most_ of the time this isn't a problem, however, anytime in-game i hearth or go through a loading screen, afterwards when i m/o moggable items, the appearance tooltip is now displaying directly on top of the right-side tooltip which looks very bad and messy. there must be a way to force this check so that it knows where it's appearing each time right?


    i've already tried the options to display it left/right or above/below, nothing will prevent this issue from occuring.


    please help i love the addon but i get so triggered when the nice tooltip suddenly starts displaying right on top of the item's tooltip !!

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