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    Just want to say thanks !!!

    Been using this addon since you posted it. Love the way it functions, the ability to hide the bin when desired, and the minimalistic use of screen real-estate.

    Looking forward to the update.

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  • posted a message on Garrison Micro Button

    A very simple yet elegant addon. Thankyou for creating it and sharing it with the community!

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  • posted a message on Master Plan

    First of all, just wanted to say, this addon is absolutely amazing. Thank you for taking the time to develop it and share with the rest of the wow community.

    There is one question I do have, and I have tried to find the answer through the myraid of comments and ijn the description section, but its possible I am misunderstanding what they stand for. On the "Missions of Interest" tab I have found some numbers in Orange that I am not exactly understanding. Some missions list a 100% success rate, and right below that 100% I see numbers like : 0/3 or 2/3. Could someone explain it to me?

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  • posted a message on FollowerLocationInfo

    Follower: Spirit of Bony Xuk also requires Arena in Gorgrond  (horde opposite to Rangari Erdanii)

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  • posted a message on Pokemon Trainer: The Pet Battle Mod

    I should have also said the following as well. Your efforts are greatly appreciated in creating/maintaining this addon. This is one of my favorite addons for pet battles. With my forgetfulness, its nice to have all these lovely bits of information at my fingertips and on screen.

    Thanks again.  I look forward to the evolution of the addon. :D

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  • posted a message on Pokemon Trainer: The Pet Battle Mod

    Meh... I already use an addon for Auto-pickup of daily quests.

    I shall miss this part of your addon.

    Quote from grdn »

    Removed the module, since there's a great addon out there now which auto-equipps your Safari Hat. Check out on Curse: Auto Safari Hat


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  • posted a message on Battle Pet BreedID

    Just wanted to mention pets with long names still seem to trunkcate the BreedID Letters (numbers) when you are looking at the pets battle tool tip in the main upper pet battle frame for pets like "Wildhammer Gryphon Hatchling" when they are second or third pets in the pet battle. If you would like, I can submit a snapshot.

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  • posted a message on AdvancedIconSelector

    I would be glad to help assist testing if you need someone who has guild master. I hate hunting through all those icons to find something that pops just the way I want to make me think of what is in the tab. :D

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  • posted a message on Reagent Restocker
    Geting the following error with version 2.6.8

    1x ReagentRestocker-2.6.8\Core.lua:252: attempt to index global 'RRGlobal' (a nil value)

    Am using a couple Auction type addons. I will try to duplicate this issue without any other addons active and report back. Have autobuy enabled.

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  • posted a message on RecipeProfit for GatherMate
    Corrections to Silvermoon City Vendor locations:

    Gelanthis - 90.8, 73.6
    Deynna - 56.0, 51.6
    Eriden - 80.6, 37.0
    Quelis - 69.6, 71.2
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