• posted a message on Cloudy TradeSkill

     Can you move the options button, or make it smaller? Like maybe a square button next to the links button in the upper right hand corner, with a cog icon on it?? As it is now, it interferes with other addons that use that space for things. In particular, Transmog Craftsman's selection list is impossible to read and obscures most of your options burron at the same time.

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  • posted a message on BagSearchPlus

    I would love to see AdiBags compatibility added. :)

    Thanks :)

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  • posted a message on Recipe Helper

     I love the convenience of this addon and have been using it for a while. The only issue I had with it was the pink coloring of the "Skill" and "ilevel" lines when you hold down the shift key. I am mildly dyslexic, so some visuals can do weird things to my brain. Anyway, I messed around with the lua code a bit to adjust the look of the tooltip to alleviate the problem for myself.


    Thought I would share a pic of the look in case you liked it. :)


    Tooltip pic

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  • posted a message on Profession Assistance

    Two questions:

    1) What does the option "Global: Enable Master" mean/do?

    2) What does the "Enable chat" options do?


    Thanks :)

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  • posted a message on Guild Donation

    Could you add an option to do a straight donation, rather than a percent? Something like give the guild everything above xx amount?



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  • posted a message on Master Plan

    When you pass the artifact quest to the point that you get the Order Hall on left clicking the garrison button, you have to right click on the button to pop up the Older garrison report.

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  • posted a message on LiteMount

    Is there a way to copy settings between characters? I want to use seperate summon lists for each character, but don't want to have to repeatedly disable the same mounts I never want to use on all my charaters.

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  • posted a message on Easy Delete Confirm

     Would you be willing to add a mouse/key combo to replace picking up an item and dropping it. 

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  • posted a message on Niggles

    Ah, yeah. Hadn't thought of PE as replacing the whole layer like that. I'll just make a note that I have to disable PE when I need to get to your overlay. Thanks!

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  • posted a message on Transmog Outfits

    Cool. I went in and just changed to width of the frame to 300 for a quick fix. I like to name my sets something that will jog my memory when I read it. so my set names tend to be between 12 and 20 chars.


    I would also suggest the next feature added be a way to sort the list and/or search it so long lists won't be an endless scroll hell to find the outfit you're looking for.


    Good job on the beginning though. I was so happy to see this one pop up as a new addon.

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