• posted a message on Battle Pet Binds

    Is there a way to make this work on darkmoonfaire and vehicles as well?

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  • posted a message on Discord Emoji

    dont wanna nitpick (actually I do) but the shortcodes are actually an agreed upon standard and not a discord thing.



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  • posted a message on GW2 ui

    Any way to make the GCD sparks not show on the stance selector when it is hidden?



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  • posted a message on SuperGuildInvite

    It's so you don't spam people who have gone to the trouble of blocking guild invites within the interface options.

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  • posted a message on VuhDo

    What you're describing is not only possible but is active in my own UI. Are you sure you're configuring the proper panel? Note that the selected panel has a yellow title, and appears on the top of the configurator.



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  • posted a message on Cross Realm Assist

    Works great, but could you blacklist RP groups like "gilneas rp" or "family rp"? autojoining those makes for awkward times.

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  • posted a message on DBM-VictorySound

    I cannot tell you how happy I am to see a new update for this in my curse client <3 I had been running the edit posted in curseforge but it wasn't perfect.

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  • posted a message on Auto Seller

    Hey Mr Dev Guy:

    If you are going to maintain a list of blacklisted items, may I recommend just grabbing everything off the Phatlewtz transmog list? Most worthwhile greens are listed.


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  • posted a message on Exorsus Raid Tools

    Is it possible force the Raid Inspect tool to refresh?

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  • posted a message on Ignore addon spam
    Hey this is your local healer speaking.

    Take LibComHeal out of this. Libcomheal is embedded in just about any unitframe mod you can find, including the popular healing frames like vuhdo, grid, and healbot, addons that 99.99% of healers use because the default frames just don't cut it. You're not going to like what happens when your healers can't contact you and they need to.

    In addition, if you enjoy having buffs from palidans, I highly reccomend that you allow Pallypower to scan your buffs. Palidans are NOT going to to manually sift through every buff in a 25-man raid to see if theirs is in there. It's just not going to happen.
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