• posted a message on Backpack

    Great addon!


    Teleporters category is missing a few things found here:




    and also the Admiral's Compass that teleports to the shipyard in WoD.


    Drums of Fury and Augment runes should be consumables.


    My only request would be to add different currencies on the bottom.


    This addon has a lot of potential to be a top download. Thanks for making it!

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  • posted a message on Memory Seal

    This is a really great addon and idea!


    There is one problem. Could you please add the weekly seal from the order hall? It goes off on me thinking I can get another seal when I can't because I got the extra one from my order hall.

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  • posted a message on Telepath

    This is very cool. Could you add the option for officer messages /o also?

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  • posted a message on Aura Frames

    I'm having problems creating new aura frames with filters and moving them around the screen with the latest 7.1 patch. Do you have any plans for an update?


    Many thanks for all your hard work!

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  • posted a message on LOIHInterrupt

    This is an AWESOME addon! Liked, favorited, and installed.


    My guild loves it so much, they started telling me it should be required for raiding. I love it for mythic+ dungeons.


    Thank you so much for this!

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  • posted a message on MikScrollingBattleText

    After testing all combat test addons thoroughly, this one (by far!) uses the least CPU. It's the best combat text addon out.


    Still there are 2 bugs I have found.


    1) As noted below, if you do not want to use a cartoonish font, the first message is still the default no matter what you choose as your font.


    2) I'm not sure that I can get to all the notifications. If you choose Events on the left and then change the drop down at the top to Notification, the bottom of the list is filled with "Holy Power Full" no matter what class. 


    Holy Power

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  • posted a message on MikScrollingBattleText

    This has bothered me too. I wound up replacing the porky.ttf file and that also worked.

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  • posted a message on Aura Frames

    I fixed it. I turned off using the same background texture as the foreground, and it's working great. I set the opacity to my liking and it looks beautiful every time.


    Thank you for this AMAZING addon, and I'm looking forward to version 2! You are a genius.

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  • posted a message on Aura Frames

    Is there any way to show a spell icon only if a spell is usable (either by it's cooldown or a proc)? Or can I get rid of the flashes/show a few seconds before the cooldown happens?


    Also, sometimes my background on multiple bars is a strange texture I didn't choose. If I go into the settings and uncheck use the same background as foreground and then re-check it, it fixes it for a while. It's very strange. Here is a screenshot.




    Thanks again for such an amazing addon! I don't think people realize how powerful it is and how fast and light on CPU it is. Really, it's amazing. It can replace other Aura frame type addons.

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  • posted a message on Chinchilla Minimap

    Awesome addon! I have 2 requests:


    1) Could you make it so there is a different position when the vehicle bar shows up (and covers the minimap)?


    2) Can you add a setting for the mini-map zoom - to have a custom location rather in the middle of the screen?


    Again, thank you so much!!

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