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    If you're looking for an update, have a look at Genie. It contains more features and may be a bit more disconcerting to use, but is updated for the latest patch.

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    No, there has only been one release, on the 11th December 2011. The last one before that was dated the 30th October 2011.

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    The addon works fine, all it needs is an update to the TOC numbers (not really that important at all) and classification of the new Transmogrification expenditures.

    If it's not updated soon, I'll have a look into it for you.

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    This issue only happens when you walk away while it is selling the greys to the vendor. It is not a bug with the addon.

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    May I suggest rewriting the code as;
    del Cache\WDB\enUS\creaturecache.wdb
    START Launcher.exe

    This WILL require the BAT file to be placed in your WoW installation folder, but will also fix any issues with WoW stored on other hard drives or 64-bit (as most systems are these days).

    Create a shortcut on your desktop, and when it runs the program will delete the cache and also run the launcher for you.

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    For all you non-believers out there, read this: http://www.virustotal.com/analisis/a58ca49c60576eac216c75e820fa68c9dc2dc6c81d2b79e26854ee584cdb6027-1264048326

    I think you will find yourselves wrongly accusing this addon.
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    It's a shame to see such a wonderful addon come to an end. It's a beautiful piece of work with seamless intergration that I have used from the very beginning of when I discovered addons.

    Although, everything must have an end.
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