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    you have this error when you put a Armor Set into your action bar.

    What helps is if you set a macro for it, something like:


    /equipset [nobtn:2] SETNAME
    /run if GetMouseButtonClicked()=="RightButton" then SaveEquipmentSet("SETNAME") end


    I did not test it yet. But it should work.
    Replace "SETNAME" 2 times with your armor set name.

    When you left click it, or just use the hotkey like 2 3 or whatever, it will equip the set.

    IF you manually right click it with your mouse, it will SAVE the set instead :)

    And when you have this macro, the addon will not complain anymore about having an armor set in the action bar. So you solve two things at the same time :)


    I hope this helps you.



    Here's the API for it if you need further informations:

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    I made a request for TomTom.
    But maybe you could implement this into YOUR addon.
    When you ALT left click a World Quest Bubble on the map, you set a waypoint to THIS WQ.
    When the WQ is done, you remove the set WQ green arrow automatically again.

    See my original post here:


    This would help to improve World Quest Group Finder.
    Since you have the shortest way from Quest to Quest.
    And with a group it's the fastest way to do it!


    Hope you like the idea for that new feature in World Quest Group Finder Addon.

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     I wrote a comment on WoW Ace:

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    I have the same issue with warloc demon spells (not warloc, the pet of warloc) and with the "order hall teleport" spell of the monk.


    BUT there's a work around for Monk:
    Save your profile in dalaran or somewhere BUT not in the order hall itself (for monk).
    Then the Monk Teleport spell is saved correct. That's not an addon issue it's something in blizzard. Like the spell ID or something is different in dalaran / order hall. So when you are somewhere else THAN your order hall and the addon loads everything, BUT you saved it in your orderhall, it's bugged.


    For warloc.
    Release your pet and load the saved profile.
    Summon the pet after you loaded the profile.
    This loads all the pet spells properly on the correct position aswell.



    Like I said, it's not a bug of the addon. It's something in blizzard.

    Test if you find a work around for your Hunter aswell.
    Maybe (it's like the monk) you have to save it in dalaran. Instead of your order hall to make it work again. Or maybe in the order hall (save) instead of somewhere else.
    I don't have my hunter saved yet.

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    It's still buggy:


    • Right click a group member or yourself to get the dropdown menu. It will stay open.
    • Open the map (with the "World Quests List" addon enabled) and do the same again. The menu gets closed asap.

    That means, the "new Gui" for the World Quests List Addon helped the addon itself, yes...
    But it still produce the bug for all other "dropdown menus" in World of Warcraft.


    Only solution at the moment ist:
    Never use a dropdown menu, while you have your map (World Quest List) open.

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    The addon was working fine.
    Now I logged into my class and when I want to change the filter, the dropdown menu get closed asap. I open, it close automatically...
    So no chance to change anything.


    I checked the normal WQs maybe somethings wrong with them.
    When I hover over one of the 3 Chest Quest (Kirin T. for example) then the tooltip is "flickering".
    When I disable the addon (World Quests List) it stops flickering while hover a World Quest (Tooltip).


    I did not change anything. Don't know if there is a new update or anything (wow update) I did not realise any new update.


    I'll test a bit, and write here again when I figure out something more.



    When I'm in Dalaran (Map) it needs like 3-5 sec until the dropdown menu get closed. So I can change the filters and stuff.
    But when I'm "Island" overview it get closed asap.
    Because "it scans" the WQs I guess.

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    I have some feature requests for your addon:


    1. See all World Quests when in specific area

      When you are in a specific area like Azsuna you only see the WQs from Azsuna.
      You could add a checkbox which enables:
      [ X ] Show all WQs in specific area

      I added filters like:
      - Time, No Gold, No Artefact Power, No Pet battle (and so on)
      So for me I really would like to see all the WQs available sort by time. Even when I'm in a specific area like Azsuna. At the moment I have to open the Map. Right click to "zoom out" and then I can see all the Quests :-\ But I want to see all the Quests when I open the map.

    2. Add a Time Filter

      Don't show WQs which are available for:
      >= 24 hours
      >= 12 hours

      When you have more than 1 Char in WoW you want to be efficient.

      That means normally you do important WQs which only holds some hours before you do WQs which holds like 1 day ++

    3. Clickable World Quest List

      Only the Name is clickable to mark the WQ as a target.

      When I click on the Loot, Fraction or Time nothing happens.

      For me that feels a bit MEH.

      Maybe you make everything clickable to mark it as a target (the whole row).

    4. Highlight clicked World Quest

      WHEN I mark a WQ as a target (your grey circle / background color change WHEN hover it) then let it marked.

      That means. When I click on one of the WQs in your list.

      Then give it the "grey circle" + "background color" the same way like I would hover it.

      So we can know WHICH WQ is the one we aim for.

      On the map (grey circle of your addon) and the background color change (like a hower) in your addon WQs List.


      Basically when you click on a WQ on your list.
      Set it as target on the map (the normal Blizzard way).

      And in your addon you HIGHLIGHT the marked WQ like a mouseover is highlighted. Maybe a different color or so.

      Because a hover would have the same color.

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    I thought this addon could replace: Profiles: Action bars + Profiles: Macros

    But sadly it can't. Could you implement a macro replacer?


    I mean:

    - We have 18 Macro fields for a Char

    - We can use every spec now...


    So the simple problem will be:

    - Not enough macro fields


    What I'm trying to do is. Create macros for heal druid (for example).
    Set everything in the action bars like it have to be.
    Save this PROFILE.

    Create a new profile for Feral druid.
    Delete all the Heal Druid Macros. Create Feral Druid Macros.
    Set them into the action bar. Save this PROFILE.


    So basically. IF I load a profile, it have to remove all the current macros. Set the macros which are saved in the profile. And set all the macros / spells into the action bar.

    And the Addon would be perfect!


    In Profiles: ActionBars | Profiles: Macros Addon it loads automatically.

    You can set a "default" profile for each spec. Means if I switch to heal, it automatically loads the "heal profile". If I switch to feral it automatically loads the Feral Profile.

    But this addon is not up to date anymore, an will not be I guess. SO I hope you could implement this feature into your addon.

    It's loading the profile on "login" (into char), and if you switch to another spec.

    This is not a must have. I mean we can simply load the profiles manually after respec.


    BUT the macro saving / loading / restore, is a must have in my opinion.

    IF you load a profile in your addon:

    - Remove all the current macros from Char / General

    - Load the saved macros (saved in profile) into Char / General

    - Set the Macros and spells into the action bars (like it do it right now).


    Thanks for reading.
    If you need any help contact me.



    I wrote a more detailed post here:

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    Actionbar placement has changed. KNOWN ISSUE (Workaround, reposition manually for now)

    Is there already a fix of it?
    This really drives me crazy... :-(
    I .zip the 2 lua files for all my champions. When the issue apears, I log out, unzip the 2 .lua files.
    And everythings ok. But after ~10+ loads, it's fucked up again.

    For me, it feels like a "random save" while you "load" a profile.
    Like, it switch the position of spells in your action bars, and saves it. THEN load them.
    Because if this issue apears the first time, you can't load the old positions.

    When I unzip the original .lua (my saved profiles) it's working again.
    This issue is the reason why I try to find an alternate addon :-(

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    Good addon BUT it's not working like I want to.

    Windwalker (DD)

    Mistweaver (Heal)

    When I spec to heal, save the profile (macros and all) it's fine.
    When I set a second profile like "PvP Mistweaver" and "Mistweaver" its working.
    I can switch between both :-) Buuuuuuut, when I spec to Windwalker, and load the profile. it's broken.
    When I switch back to Mistweaver, it's working. Seems like only the last "spec" save is working :-\

    Any solutions?

    I used "Profiles: Action Bars" and "Profiles: Macro" (addons).
    And wanted to replace them with yours. Because the Profiles Addons aren't working 100% :-\
    What I want to have is just an addon which saves my macros + action bars.
    So when I spec from Heal to DD, I have all my macros back in the action bar :)
    SO I can basically have "tripple" or better said "all" specc :)
    Like Mistweaver and Windwalker. Go to the teacher, remove mistweaver, get TANK and buja. Just load the tank profile. Go back to the teacher, remove TANK. And learn Mistweaver again. Load the "Mistweaver" Profile. Done :)

    Should this work with your addon?
    The profiles getting red (the names) when I spec to something else :-\

    I guess I found the issue.
    When loading a new profile, it doesn't remove all macros, and LOAD them again.
    Like when I have Mistweaver Macros. I switch the spec to windwalker. Then I load the Windwalker Profile, there are still the "Mistweaver" Macros. So that he tells me
    "33 of 79 actions in this profile cant be used from this character. Are you sure to load the profile?" (something like that).
    So, normally the addon should do the following on a profile load:
    - remove all macros, all action bar fields
    - load all macros, set all action bar fields
    - Error Routine: IF a spell / macro is not found anymore, let the action bar field EMPTY.
    (the error routine have to be, because if someone changed a Talent Spell, the spell is not there anymore.)

    Oh I see...
    This addon does not save macros at all. This addon just set the "Action Field Spell". Like the position of a spell / macro >_> So this can't do what I want too :-( .......

    EDIT 2:
    I created a post for the programmer:

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