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    I found 2 missing items:









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    Hello, thank you for this great addon.

    Since about the last two versions I noticed a gap between the right screen side and the position of the bars.  This gap only appears if the action button is hidden. If it is shown the gap disappears. I usually hide the action button so it took me some time to find out what was wrong.

    It would be very nice if you could fix this issue.

    Thank you very much.

    [email protected]

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    First of all thank you for this great addon. It helps a lot.

    But unfortunatly sometimes it confuses me.

    Items that are another armor type than mine and soulbound are marked one time with a star and another time with a green square.


    I would like to use these marks at the item icons in my bag as a quick indicator to see if I should learn the Item, send it to an alt or sell it to a vendor or at the ah.


    suggestion for quick decision:


    1. valuable for my character = my armor or weapon type + appearance not learned
      • icon = red x
    2. valuable for an alt = not my armor or weapon type + appearance not learned + BoA
      • icon = yellow and black star
    3. collector = my armor or weapon type + appearence allready learned, but specific item not learned
      • icon = black check mark with blue circle
    4. valuable for ah = appearance already learnd + BoA
      • icon = n.y.i. (mabe something like a $)
    5. worthless:
      • cannot be learned (icon = a grey Ø)
      • Item already learned (icon = blue check mark)
      • soulbound + not my armor or weapon type (icon = grean square)

    Thanks for reading. :)

    Best regards


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    I would like to see the item Ratstallion Harness a an option to be used while in the Underbelly.

    Thanks a lot. Love this addon! :)

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    just tried to change the display of my cloak but when I hover over the option 'outfit display' I get to 'title'.

    As you can see on this screen shot:


    Thanks a lot. :D


    PS: I use the German client. ;)

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    Thank you! :D

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    German Localization:

    Dear authors!
    On curseforge you write: "Option text is not localized for anything except English." That's untrue.
    Since I don't know how many versions you keep an old buggy German localization. For German users I updated it. But if you realy don't want other localizations in your addon, you must remove those old ones.

    Da die Autoren zwar auf curseforge eindeutig darauf hinweisen, dass es für die Optionen keine deutsche Lokalisierung gibt, sie aber stattdessen eine veraltete und fehlerhafte Lokalisierung seit wer weiß wie lange mitschleppen und dadurch die Optionen auf deutsch buggy sind (http://www2.pic-upload.de/img/29864520/WoWScrnShot_022716_112353.jpg), hier der Code für eine korrekte Übersetzung der Optionen:


    Code folgender Datei einfach durch o.a. Code ersetzen und freuen..../WoW/Interface/AddOns/YayMounts/localization-deDE.lua

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    It's not working. Shows only the weapon. Illusion is not shown.

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    Hallo Deutschsprachige!

    Da die Autoren eine ziemlich unvollständige und teilweise auch fehlerhafte deutsche Lokalisierung in ihrem ansonsten wirklich tollen Addon haben und dies auch nicht korrigieren möchten, hier die von mir überarbeitete deutsche Lokalisierung.


    Einfach im YayMounts Addonordner die gleichnamige Datei überschreiben. Fertig.

    Viel Spaß
    [email protected]

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    Seem to work. :) Thank you.
    Btw: send you a German locale on Curse forge. ;)
    There is/was a checkbox without text beside it. XD
    I think other locales need some love, too.

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