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    so I know blizzard broke friendly nameplate customization because players could use it to make really powerful weakauras @nameplates for visibility and because blizzard is retarded they are forcing us to use their default friendly nameplates in dungeons/raids

    so in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJt9Vk--elw
    they clearly use these old weakauras modified for the new bosses and as far as I can see, this guy uses kuinameplates

    so the thing is, I love nameonlymode, I dont care about the weakauras they use
    so I´m here to ask: did blizzard probably mess something up with their "fix"

    is it possible to get it back? or does this look like, well an exploit/gamedatamod or something for you kesava

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    it seems the button in appearance tab is gone missing

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    thanks for the great addon first

    in the last weeks i started to farm transmogs again a bit more than before.

    so i found some bugs?/problems?/weird things that are happening.


    for example: dire maul
    im missing treants bane from tribute chest. i know this showed up before but doesnt anymore. some items are simply missing and dont show up viceversa. missing on pala and warrior

    so it gets weirder: uldaman for example. with my paladin it shows the missing jackhammer as it should. with warrior it doesnt


    in gnomeregan it shows im missing gizmotron megachopper on my paladin and on warrior it doesnt.

    most of this stuff which does such strange things are weapons as far as i can see. maybe this is related to lootspecs or somethin


    edit: ive looked on my deathknight now and it makes those examples even more strange.
    on dk: treants bane shows, megachopper shows jackhammer shows.


    another thing i found for example is old karazhan:
    chess event show double battlescar boots
    nightbane is completly missing

    it is really completely strange and i have no clue whats happening there

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    moveanythings mainwindow often is locked

    you have to go into the menu and move it with the nudger or it stays locked


    also i think MA is responsible for some strange things in keybindings, but i cant say that for sure.


    a lot of ???? and really strange menupoints

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    i know that i can use the normal pullfunction
    i wanted to use /rt dbt

    this is a dynamic pulltimer where it checks which classes u got in raid and uses predefined numbers, like in hfc with afflilocks which needed 26secs.

    you predefine the timers for every spec e voila when you hit your macro it makes the pulltimer shorter or longer.

    besides that, it is very strange that BW first was able to recognize the RTcommand and now it isnt able to

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    hello again


    after the patch i wanted to use nameplateaddons.

    with tidy plates i was until recently able to use your option to show dmgnumbers above nameplates.


    as far as i have seen, sctd anchors the dmgnumbers with this option at blizzard plates frame. atleast this was called in the tidyplate update which broke sctd option to show at nameplates.


    is it possible to anchor the dmgnumbers another way, so that TP or KUI can show them at their nameplates?


    would be really nice if this works, because its one of the main reasons I use SCTD.


    I dont want to be annoying but I really get insane with this.

    I cant tell how much I hate bliz for completly destroying their old nameplates.


    thx in advance


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    hello i think this may be related to pulltimerproblems reported in last month


    this problem is kinda problematic so I try to describe it as good as possible


    well alright:


    so after 7.0.3 hit I remade my UI and switched from DBM to BW, so far so good


    I installed also exorsusraidtools. exorsus has an option to use their pulltimers (/rt pull or /rt dpt)

    BW accepted these commands and made its pulltimerbar and countdown as intended. more so both addon made a countdown, showing two of them, BW cd and RT coundown and BW showed the related bar.

    RT author made an adjustment so that you can disable their countdown, so you dont get 2 of them when using dbm. after that change everything still worked fine, you still could use BW /pull or RT /rt pull.


    So today I reinstalled DBM so that I can switch for some Bosses to it, or use it in 5mans or just simply if one of the bossmods produces problems at some Bosses to switch.


    What happened was I wanted to configure DBM and was going through all options.

    DBM has an optiontab which is called:

    DBM Global Disables and Filters

    the tab has options to block pulltimers and their parts of their features. so to test them and to see what happened to the timer I tried this options.

    What I think happened their is that DBM crushed some settings of my BW their.


    If i use /pull, BW cd and bar of the pulltimer appears. If I use /rt pull from RT it uses DBM timers which is basically fine. But if I disable DBM, BW no longer is able to use /rt pull of RT. maybe this happened also to some other users which reported such issues.


    Basically what I think is that by configuring DBM(and its global options) I disabled something in Bigwigs, so its for the time being not perfectly compatible with raidtools.

    After I saw that, I tried to fix BW to produce timer and cd with /rt pull command by deinstalling DBM but BW was no longer able to do it.


    I will try to Reinstall BW, maybe that will fix it and let you know.

    I think the global options of DBM produce problems with BW. Maybe you can look into it.






    edit1: ok I tried to delete BW and its saved variables but it doesnt show a countdown or a timer if I use /rt pull after reinstall

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    thank you

    yea its a quite unique problem, i know


    hopefully grayhoof can do something about it. hes quite silent on this forum and his linked homepage seems offline.

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    Hello Kesava,


    after the patch where blizzard completely fucked up there whole ui, I had to get a nameplateaddon. Atm I´m using tidy plates, but i want to change it, because in my opinion your nameplates are a lot more customizable, cleaner and also prettier. Also I really like that as a tank, not all nameplates switch their color, only those who are in combat with you. I was unable to do this with tp.


    Theres only 1 thing which stops me atm to switch to KUI, and I´m not even sure if this is something you can fix.


    I´m also using SCT- Damage-Addon. It enables to edit font and other things of my combattext. Normally sctd does show dmgnumbers in a special frame, but there is a option to show above the nameplates.


    With tidyplates this works absolutly fine, but KUI  seems to not be able to show this customcombattext above its nameplates.


    Is there a way to do this?


    I really want to use KUI but I can´t play the game without some dmgnumbers above monsters, but I also can´t stand the abyssmal blizzardnumbers.


    Would be nice to know if this is even technically possible, but because it works with tp, I thought it might be.


    thx in advance


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    I really love this addon, i wouldnt be able to farm all these appearances without it.


    I got a suggestion, maybe you can consider it.

    It would be really nice if there was an option to enable that if you open the appearance tab instead of you the standard blizzard tab to show the frame of the addon so that you can refresh your items and start looking.

    atm its a bit problematic because the frames are so big and when i hit a instance it hidden behind appearance frame.


    or if this isnt possible, a option would be nice that autocloses the blizzard appearance tab when hitting the addon button. would be a really nice qol improvement.



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