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    Hey so I'm getting a crash between your mod and gregtech. It says its your fault so just posting log here. Right at the very top of the report is the error and about 5 lines down it says your mod is responsible. http://pastebin.com/9wa3VveQ


    I'd really like to be able to use this mod but for now greg tech is adding more. Pleas fix this asap.

     fixed in 1.2.6
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    Does not work properly in Resonant Rise 3 with FastCraft 1.21


    Makes most of the world invisible and it doesn't load at all


    Tested with and without Optifine


    Haven't found the source of the incompatibility yet which is really sad

     Fixed on last versions.
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    Is there a possible way you can expand the limit of entities? I'm sure it'll be helpful to people combining large mods that has a lot of entities.

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    To clarify this mod's description, you can no longer hold LMB to continually swing at a block to mine it. Instead, you have to click for each consecutive hit that it takes until the block is successfully mined. I suppose such a feature may be welcome among gaming sadists or people who've always wished they had carpal tunnel syndrome. If you want to find out if your over priced gaming mouse with the fancy "10 million clicks" omron micro switches really can take the abuse as advertised, then this mod is surely for you. Props to the author though for making a niche mod that will surely find some use among some players.

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    bug. If radio block in oveworld, speker in hell, speaker is not wotking... =\

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