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    Yes please! Or if anyone knows a temporary workaround? I'm not versed in blizz API.



    Edit: issue being that at times I can't create a new note. Have to reload to get it to work, and sometimes multiple times. At other times, I'll create a note and it just doesn't create it.


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    I'm having the same issue. Based on what the dev was saying about fixing some issues, I was hopeful this was one of them. I scrolled down a bit and couldn't find anything about it.


    In the default UI when you dropdown "Guild Status" it shows the correct rank. In the mouseover window, it's typically showing a large amount of my guild members as being one rank lower than they actually are. I love what this addon brings to the table, but this is driving me nuts.


    Also, while mouseover-ing the UI as new windows show up to the right, it frequently gets stuck on a guild member that I did not click on.



    Thank you for your time! Great addon, just has a couple kinks to work out. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help from a non-tech-savvy point of view.

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