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    I've updated to the latest version 3.5.1

    I  noticed 2 things

    1. When I use my Garrison Hearthstone to go to my Garrison, the Garrison Cache notice appears even though I have this option unchecked.  I noticed that if I fly to my garrison, the notice does NOT appear.  Only when I use my Hearthstone.


    2. The Zone filters aren't working 100%.  I only have the 3 argus zones checked but when I was flying through Draenor Talador I got a notice for Hammertooth.  Then again, as I flew through Draenor Talador again I could see myself flying over another rare (Lady Demlash) and I did not get notified.  Maybe I had previously killed Lady but not Hammertooth?  Or maybe there is a different Hammertooth in an argus zone?

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    Can you please add an option to either disable the prompt to relist entirely and never relist a group?  Or check that the player isn't in combat when prompting him?


    It's extremely inconvenient when the prompt appears and it always seems to pop up at the worst moment in combat.

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    As a follow up.  The zone filters don't work for treasure chests in general.  Not sure if they are supposed to or not.


    I have the notify for treasure/chests checked on, but my zone filters set to the 3 Argus zones and I get notified for every chest in Broken Isle (Aszuna, Valshara, Suramar, Hightmountain, Stormheim, and Broken Shore).  If it's not how its supposed to work can we add that as a feature?  Filters for chests?

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    I love you for creating this.  I would get down on my knee and ask you to marry me, but alas my wife might have a beef with that.



    The garrison cache indicator always fires when I hearthstone to my draenor garrison.  It doesn't matter if the option is checked or unchecked (and it is unchecked).  I always get an indicator when I arrive in my garrison.  That doesn't seem to be working correctly.



    Having the miniature of the boss/rare popup is distracting and uses a lot of screen real estate for very little benefit.  Can we get an option to turn that image off?  The rest of the little popup window is fine with especially with the click to raid mark and target.  



    The prompt to leave a group after the NPC is killed is immediate and one of the most annoying things.  It pops up before I have had any chance to loot the corpse.  Can you add an config option to disable that prompt?  I would prefer to always leave a group manually and never be prompted to automatically leave.  Simply having a preset delay before prompting would still be unsatisfactory.



    I gather that the reason you don't directly call C_LFGList.CreateListing and ApplyToGroup directly but instead wrap it in a redundant StaticPopupDialogs prompt is that they are protected by Blizz and this is a workaround?  

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    I would like to request a simple way of turning off and back on Handynotes.  The icons, etc... are very informational but sometimes they are also in the way.  Simple 1 button click to turn off all the icons and then turn them back on.  


    I created a simple macro to do is but after a long playing session where I used that macro often /hnnew stopped working.  No errors it just didn't do anything.

    This is the macro.

    /script HandyNotes:Enable()
    /stopmacro [button:1]
    /script HandyNotes:Disable()


    Maybe add a minimap button and/or a world map button to do that.  Thanks.

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    And I think I have fixed the delete/create issue as well.  It was also PlaySound related.

    in UI.lua there are 5 StaticPopupDialogs structure defs assigning a string to a "sound" field like this

    sound = "igMainMenuOptionCheckBoxOn",


    When I changed it to this:

    sound = 856,


    Delete/Creates now work properly.


    Replacing a constant with a number is a short term fix. I think that Blizz expects people to reference a SoundKitConstants.lua field.  

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    Looking at what happened with Mactro Toolkit, which is similar addon and was broken by 7.3 but fixed, the problem it had was with the PlaySound api changing.  Previously a string const was past like this:


    And now a ID # must be past like this



    Updating long macro's UI.lua and UI.xml to fix the PlaySound calls can be done.

    PlaySound("igCharacterInfoOpen") replace with PlaySound(839)

    PlaySound("igCharacterInfoClose") replace with PlaySound(840)

    PlaySound("igMainMenuOptionCheckBoxOn") replace with PlaySound(856)

    PlaySound("gsTitleOptionOK") replace with PlaySound(798)


    Now you can view character specific and general macros and edit existing macros


    But you cannot delete existing macros.  That functionality is broken.  Nor can you create new macros and then drag that new macro onto an Action bar.  That functionality is also broken.  

    The problem with deleting and creating seems to be unrelated to the PlaySound issue.

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    I cannot delete macros with this.  

    If I create a simple new global macro either with Macro Toolkit or using the default UI, like this:

    Name: zzTest

    Icon: any



    /cast Ice Lance


    Save it. Add it to an action bar. Use it.


    Now try to delete it.  I open Macro Toolkit, select zzTest and click Delete.  I get the confirmation prompt but neither button does anything (no error or action not even dismissing the prompt) and no matter what the macro is not deleted.


    I can still delete the macro with the default wow macro ui.  


    Looking at the lua code there were still places where PlaySound is being called and a string constant was passed in including the deleteMacro function in mainframe.lua.  When I replaced PlaySound("igMainMenuOptionCheckBoxOn") with PlaySound(856) it seems to work.  There was also another PlaySound("gsTitleOptionExit") in bindingframe.lua which looks like it was supposed to be commented out but was missed.


    I will also post this through curse forge

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    I am having an Argus specific issues:

    When I open the UI with /lm I cannot view the character specific macros (the only ones I have).


    EDIT: previously described 2nd issue with castsequence unrelated to longmacro.

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    I think I know what the problem is:

    1. SearchPawn.lua returns the wrong kind of value when it fails to get the Pawn Calculated Value for an auction house item.  It returns false instead of 0.  If folks want to manually edit SearchPawn.lua line 749 they can "fix" this.

    change line from:

    return false

    change line to:

    return 0



    EDIT: Bug was fixed in latest release

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