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    I may quit WoW if this addon isn't fixed. I haven't played WoW since this addon broke. At my age I need the large fonts.

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    I am thrilled that the writer of this addon did this for me (and for the world). I hope everyone likes it. It's a very simple addon that does something I frequently need. What does it do? It simply writes the names of the people that you "mouseover" into a chat log. And why does it do this? Because I need to remember the names of people that are around me, for example, if I'm farming in Uldum I want to know who is farming with me at the same time. This addon puts the name of each person that you mouseover into a chat window of your choice. I currently use the GUILD chat channel (because I have my own personal guild for every toon, you may not) because I don't want to annoy other people using the SAY chat channel. Now as to recording the channel you can either turn it on with the builtin command /chatlog or (if you don't like turning the log on each time you log in) you can get an addon to turn on logging automatically for you (I use WOWscribe, but there may be other such utilities.)

    For those of you who can't use the PARTY or GUILD channels for this purpose, let me suggest that you be nice to the people around you by not simply SAYing only their name, but by putting their name in a string like this:

    /moc message MOUSEOVERCHAT: Placing %M's name into my logfile.
    /moc type WHISPER
    /moc target your-name-here

    Not only will that tell them why you are "chatting" with them, but it will be good advertising for this addon. Also, it will enable people with chat filters to remove any message that contains the string "MOUSEOVERCHAT". If Blizzard had better logging features then maybe none of this would be necessary. Hopefully this will force Blizzard to provide better logging features. Then maybe this addon won't be required. The simplest fix would be for Blizzard to allow people to write to the PARTY channel even if they aren't in a party, as that would provide a private chat area. Perhaps that feature will be added by Blizzard once enough people start using this addon.

    Sidenote: I discovered that apparently you don't need to use the "/moc target" subcommand if you use the GUILD channel. And also I discovered that if you use the WHISPER channel then each time you log into an alt you have to reissue a "/moc target" command because it doesn't save the target name for each separate toon. I presume if this utility becomes popular the author will fix that, but since I prefer the GUILD channel I don't expect him to change that at this time.

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