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    Hey, great addon thank you.

    I would like to post a suggestion.

    We're facing lot of a**hole in M+ that leave dungeon for an unknow reason.

    I am wondering could it be possible to use your website to rank (like minus when they leave ?)

    Thank you keep the good workl

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    Actually the problem is that there is no buff at all so can't use this condition

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    Hello again, 

    Sorry for not beeing clear in my last post.

    I m trying to make tmw track spells that have their borders shining in yellow but can t find the option.

    Typicaly I have a spell (as a rogue) that normaly cost energy. On hitting With annother spell I have a chance that this spell is "free" and consume no energy (when it is free there is no buff but only a yellow square shining around the spell). It is pretty the same With the old chaman when full charged i could cast an instant heal free of mana.

    I tried to explore reactive spell but can't find the option or condition to show the icon in tmwhen only when it doesn t cost energy ressources.

    Thank you for this great aidons !

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    First of all thank you for the great addon

    I have a quick question on reactive ability and new rogue spell (firing a bullet).

    How to set up tmw to show the ability when this spell is "free of ressource" ? thank you

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