• posted a message on HandyNotes - Broken Shore

     First of all thank you for making this add on. It really made the weekly quest a lot easier to do.


    If I may suggest two suggestions for this add on.


    1. When I make changes to the add on /handynotes, I am given a choice for Broken Shores. When I go in and uncheck some of the options Bosses, Gates, etc, it has to be done per character. Is there a way to make this work for all my characters instead of having to go into each one and uncheck each of the options? Gets a bit much when you have 12 alts.


    2. The chests on the mini map. When you are hunting these chests in the broken shores, your eyes start to play tricks on you after a bit. There is not a major difference in color between an active chest and an inactive chest. Is there a way you can add a circle around an active chest or something to make it really stand out. I want the chest to jump out and bite me when its active.


    Thank you for all your hard work, and I hope you will consider these suggestions if it can be done.

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  • posted a message on Barrels o' Easy

    Even with the last update half of the barrels are never marked. Why the change? I might as well not use an add on if you have to mark after the first time,

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  • posted a message on Postal

    Hope you keep this add on alive. The blizzard one isnt half as good as this one ;)

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  • posted a message on Barrels o' Easy

    Call me crazy, but I just started using this add on and every so often I am seeing barrels following people. Has to be a bug, and NO I am not making a job. Using the build from 1.26.2017. Thought I was crazy but has happened twice now since I started using this add on. Also finding that sometimes on my druid, I seem to attack really fast but never hit anything. Seems to be a side effect of possibly the auto marking feature here?

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  • posted a message on PetBattle Teams



    A note feature would be nice to have for each team. When you right click on a team, you can add a note. Make it a long note field so the user can enter information about the fight, or what moves to use for each battle.

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  • posted a message on Pawn

     Why is pawn always wrong for Fire Mages? It wants to use Crit and Haste when the true stats are Crit and Mastery. Any chance this will be addressed?

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  • posted a message on BadBoy: Spam Blocker & Reporter

    I am honestly tired of seeing this add on being updated so much. Why are their so many changes so often. Can you work on this add on and release it less often.

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  • posted a message on DejaCharacterStats



    Characters stats are a huge problem in this game. Knowing which stats should come first with 12 characters gets annoying. Is there a way with this Addon to move your stats around.


    Say I am a Marksmen Hunter and I want to see my Enhancement stats in the order I need them.







    Is it possible to rearrange the enhancement stats around so they are NOT in alphabetical order, but in order of stat importance? 


    If this is cannot be done currently, this would be huge for many players with lots of alt characters. This would be a great change...


    Is this possible currently with this addon?

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  • posted a message on Accurate coordinates (DCOORDS)

    Latest version is working well. Only issue I see currently is the map icon that has the coords is not centered. Its off the left and looks bad :(

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  • posted a message on Accurate coordinates (DCOORDS)



    Went back to the previous version of DC Coords and I am unable to see the cords on one of my characters. If I do a /DC Reset it acts like DC Coords is not there. I can do a reset on any other character so the add on is engaged.


    Is there something I need to do to fix this one character?

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