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    Thanks for this.

    Quick bug-fix suggestion, and a feature-request.



    When using LFD, if organizer is on my same realm, QuickLink fails.

    What is happening is LFG.lua line 14 is calling ShowUrlFrame() with no server arg.  Then in ShowUrlFrame() it is attempting to get servername from name, but instead is populating server with the same value as name b/c there is no "-".


    Working fix, insert the following into core.lua, line #88:

    if server == name then server = GetRealmName() end

    (this works b/c servers are reserved names, so it would never be the case there is a player Stormrage-Stormrage, for example)


    FWIW, IMHO, there is a better fix, which is to correct this in lfg.lua, prior to calling ShowUrlFrame(), and then remove the redundant checks for empty server that cascade through.


    Cool, thanks,


    And a feature request / suggestion.  Right-clicking is tedious if I want multiple links.  Just do one menu item that spawns a dialog with multiple text boxes, one per link.  I can copy/paste from there! maybe a config option?



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    If I may suggest, I've started using simcraft to generate custom weights, then editing the LUA to replace the default Pawn weights.  This way you get the functionality you want, tailored for your toon, and still get the pawn functionality.


    If you don't swap specs, you can just import using the GUI, but if you swap specs, I recommend editing the LUA so you get the right weights for the right specs.

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    similar to my comment above.  Can you recommend a bag addon that works with Pawn so that we can still see the green upgrade arrow when looking at bag inventory, and/or help us fix Pawn so this works as hoped?  (Right now, i haven't found a bag addon that shows the green upgrade arrow in inventory - though they still who on tooltips).

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    First, a huge thank you.  What a terrific boost, especially while leveling.


    Hoping to use Pawn alongside a bag addon like bagnon, adibags, etc., but can't seem to get the big green upgrade arrow to work with any of those.  (It appears in the tooltip on mouseover, which is cool, but I'd like it to jump out at me like it usually does when glancing at my bag inventory).


    Can you recommend a partner bag addon, or help me get the big green upgrade arrow working with one of them?


    Secondly, I am using Simcraft to generate my own stat weights.  When I do that and import them into Pawn, it turns out that EITHER the custom weights, or the default weights can trigger that arrow... This can be confusing.  I have been going into the lua and commenting out the default weights to get the functionality I want (actually, i just replace the default weights with mine, so that it works with spec changes) but it would be awesome if we could just change this in the GUI, rather than editing the LUA.  So the functionality requested would be to import my weights, AND disable the default weights for my spec.  This way, ONLY my weights trigger the big green arrow.

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    one more idea: can you integrate with tomtom so you can throw a WP to the enemy?  It could automatically refresh itself or add more WP as the guy moves around?

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    Love this, downloading now.  Thank you.


    I've been looking for something that will prompt/allow me to enter a "reason" for putting someone on my kill on site / gank list.  Is that feasible?  Or do you know of a PVP addon that does this?


    e.g.: (note from/to myself) "this DB camped me while I was questing in Stormheim, as a skull-to-me. destroy on site."


    another idea would be to have the addon share cross-faction, so you can mail the opposing faction douche and give him a piece of your mind.  I bet that would go over just AWESOME ;-)



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