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    Thanks for the info. :) I might just wait until the next code update in that case, and make sure to do the 3-daily tasks on all of my chars together until then.

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    I'm sometimes having an issue with the Occupied Intern timers. I've set them to reset at 72 hours for some tasks like the garrison and Nomi.


    I think to reproduce the issue you have to have this case -

    Timer started on char A. Timer started later on char B.

    Timer finishes and task resets on char A, but is still running on char B.

    Restart new timer on char A while old timer is still running on char B.


    This shouldn't affect the timer on char B, but it does. The timer on char B gets "updated" to char A's timer, and the task on char B isn't reset properly.


    I've been manually restarting the timer on alts for a while now, because I couldn't really work out what was causing them to bug.


    Have you experienced this behavior?

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    The update fixed it. Thanks!

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    Did you change how the background of the LDB tooltip is displayed in the latest update?


    I was just using the default LDB settings (Style Tooltip is unchecked). Now the tooltip has a weird red background.




    When I check the Style Tooltip box, that fixes the issue, but somehow messes with the tooltip of many other LDB plugins. If I mouseover other plugins on my LDB bar directly after mousing over the EA tooltip, they get an unexpected grey background.




    I would expect the LDB default background, which is set to the default blizz tooltip background.


    Rolling back the addon version fixes this issue.

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    You're awesome. :)

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    Doh, I should have realized that about the positioning. I was thinking "surely if it's a shadow, it would be offset by default?" Apparently not. Thank you it looks perfect! This is the most OCD I've been with the game for a while.......here's a comparison in case you're curious.




    Using an alpha of 1 and an offset of 1.3, -1.3.

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    Thanks. I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to editing lua, but I tried adding the bottom bit in the function at line 102 (and removed the outline to test).

    function ExecAssist:loadFontStrings(tooltipStem)
    	-- fonts for fontstrings
    	hf:SetFont(LSM:Fetch( "font", tooltipStem.header_font),    tooltipStem.header_size,    "") 
    	sf:SetFont(LSM:Fetch( "font", tooltipStem.standard_font),  tooltipStem.standard_size,  "")
    	ssf:SetFont(LSM:Fetch("font", tooltipStem.snowflake_font), tooltipStem.snowflake_size, "")
    	hf:SetJustifyH("LEFT");   hf:SetJustifyV("MIDDLE")
    	sf:SetJustifyH("LEFT");   sf:SetJustifyV("MIDDLE")
    	ssf:SetJustifyH("CENTER"); ssf:SetJustifyV("MIDDLE")
    	-- adding shading
    	hf:SetShadowColor(0, 0, 0, 1)
    	sf:SetShadowColor(0, 0, 0, 1)
    	ssf:SetShadowColor(0, 0, 0, 1)

    But this didn't seem to add a shadow, the font looks the same as before unfortunately.


    I couldn't find a shadow offset in prat's lua, so I assume it's not needed to get the default shadow? So I don't think that's the problem. It's really nice of you that you've answered twice already. If you don't have time to continue with this, I could always ask my partner, who has at least a little of an idea how lua works. :)

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    Thanks for the quick response and high quality information.


    1&3: Fair enough, thanks for the info.


    2: Adding "OUTLINE" between the quotes on lines 104-106 helped make the text more readable in all situations, thank you. The perfectionist in me isn't totally happy that the outline still looks different than the shadow effect. https://prnt.sc/g1cuxv


    I think the shadow effect would have to be added separately, unfortunately. I use Prat to handle my chat box, and it separates "outline mode" (flags) from "shadow color".



    This might be a case of being out of scope for EA. :)


    4: That module looks like exactly what I wanted, thank you!

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    Hiya, I just found this addon today and it seems great for my needs! A few questions:


    1. Is there any way to disable the truncation on the Task Window? I would rather have wrapped text on multiple lines. Right now, if I want to make a skinny list of items, I need to keep the names very very short or there's no way for me to see what the full task is. See the comparison to the quest log in this screenshot. https://prnt.sc/g1021h
    2. Is there any way to add a shadow to the font on the Task Window? Again, something similar to the default blizz quest UI would be cool. You can see the differences in this screenshot. https://prnt.sc/g104m0
    3. Alternatively, an opacity slider for the background would be helpful. i.e. adding a slightly see-through background behind the text. Here's an example of this option for the background of the chat window. https://prnt.sc/g10603
    4. Is there a way to reset a task at a certain time after it has been checked off as completed last? I can only run through all WQs for 3 emissary caches on a character once every 3 days, then I have to wait 3 days for all 3 of the cache to fill up again. So I rotate on my alts - E.g. 3 caches on char A and B on Mon, 3 caches on char C and D on Tue, no caches on Wed or Thur, then 3 caches again on char A and B on Fri. It would be cool if I could track this individually by character.


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    Recently, all I get is a green crosshairs in the middle of my screen. No grid.


    This addon seems to be working - https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/screengrid

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