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    I absolutely love this addon, and I was very happy when you added the /hnnew functionality to it. But lately, I've been wondering, would it be possible to further improve this command by making it set everything at once? What I mean is, TomTom's commands look like this: "/way Tanaan Jungle 47,52 Doomroller" - you paste it and it's done, no further edit boxes or anything, so would it be possible to, for example, make HN commands like: "/hnnew 47,52 Tanaan Jungle Doomroller {skull}"? Because the only thing I am really missing here is an ability to mass-add markers using Paste addon. Just a thought. No idea how any of this works and whether it's doable or not. Keep up the good work!


    P.S. I know there are HN extensions that add multiple markers (like Argus rares etc.), but all of those are preset and it takes a bit of editing to remove the unnecessary ones or add your own. I like to stick to my own lists.

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