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    thank you for this suggestion.  i too often find myself wanting to remove a single world marker, but this addon doesn't seem capable of doing it

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    I have a suggestion for you.

    Your command line offers the following...

    /wmarker hide

    /wmarker show

    How about...

    /wmarker toggle

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    Quote from Torhal »

    The problem with that is there is a distinct difference between a data source and a launcher - launchers are meant mainly for "launching" something else, and aren't set up to handle the same things per the LDB spec (https://github.com/tekkub/libdatabroker-1-1/wiki/Data-Specifications),

    Additionally, changing from data source to launcher will also cause some (if not all) displays to register it as a completely new plugin, which will move it to wherever the default "new plugin" spot is for the display. I could look into adding a launcher in addition to the data source; perhaps something without the tooltip, that performs distinctly different actions from the existing data source. Make a ticket, so I'll remember to get to it after (or perhaps during!) I finish what I'm working on now.

    Thanks.  I'll make a ticket, etc.  I've long been modifying archy by adding an additional command that I can then macro.  The command... /archy toggle.  It merely executed the same code that is executed when the minimap button is clicked.   But's always been a hassle to have to go in and make this manual change each and every time a new version of the addon is released.  And on top of that, one of your recent releases appeared to be a drastic rewrite/refactor of the code.  I didn't even know where to look to continue to make that same manual edit.

    I know that archy has the command... /archy stealth, but it just hides the panels.  The "widget" for doing surveys, crating an artifact and soforth is still displayed when archy is in stealth mode.  I needed a way to completely hide everything.   But apart from the minimap button, there is no way to do this.  That is what led me down the path of mucking around with the LDB code.  I found that by changing it to launcher, it did what I needed.  I could add it to OPie, and when selected, it would 100% show or hdie all of the Archy frames.

    But as you say, it sounds like there are negative side effects.

    The reasoning/justification for all of this... I don't like minimap buttons at all.  They clutter up the screen and I hide them all. In general, I like to tuck away as much stuff as possible.  OPie is a great little addon for this.  I click a button and bam, a ring appears with all the addon icons... dominos, raven, atlas, omen, quartz, dbm, msbt etc etc

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    One thing I can't figure out how to do in PitBull...

    How do I make the unit frames snap together correctly if I have a border around the units.  The borders always end up overlapping and it looks fugly.  I have to manually nudge the units apart to properly allow space for the border.

    So, I'd like to offer a suggestion to the author of PitBull.  Can you please change it so that if my unit frames have borders around them, that the frames snap together and take into consideration the size of the border around the frame. 

    Here are some screenshots showing what I'm trying to describe. 

    First, here's what PitBull does with it's automatic frame snapping.  See how the frames overlap and just look ugly in general.



    Next, here's the frames after I've manually nudged them apart to take the frame into consideration.  This is what PitBull should be able to do with no manually nudging.




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    Quote from michaelspain »

    Quote from charleslaine »   Why can't Grid2 show the full right-click menu while in a raid? Other addons can do it, why not this one?

    Because blizzard made some change time ago, breaking the "correct" behaviour of the menu. 

    Why not this one ? Because i have to dig in thousand of lines of blizzard code, looking for what has been changed. A faster way will be to read the blizzard api and addons documentation, but unfortunatelly  there is not such thing, blizzard does not publish documentation.

    Instead of "digging through thousands of lines of code", do you think you could perhaps ask around?  Maybe the author of PitBull could say "oh yeah, this is how I did it" etc.

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    OK I'll try the last option you suggested.. the "square indicator covering the whole unit frame" and see if that works.

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    I've noticed that when I'm in a raid, when I right-click on someone, the "Interact" section of the popup menu is missing.  Therefore, i cannot do things like inspect or whisper a player.  What I have to do is click them in Grid2, then right-click the target unit frame outside of grid to get the full right-click menu.

    I don't know if this is Grid2, or Clique that is doing this.  By comparison, if I use PitBull in a raid, the right-click always shows the full menu.  I've always been confused as to why the behavior is different.  Why can't Grid2 show the full right-click menu while in a raid? Other addons can do it, why not this one?

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    To the Grid2 author(s):

    Please fix the "direction to target" widget so that it shows at 100% alpha when the unit is out of range.

    As-is (and as mentioned in prior posts on this page), when a unit is out of range, the arrow assumes the same alpha level as the frame to which it is attached.  In my setup, I have it set so that out-of-range targets show at 40% alpha.  But the arrow is also shown at this low level of opacity as well, making it harder to see than it should be.

    If the arrow was 100% (or some other configurable value) all of the time, it would enhance and improve the usability of this particular feature of Grid2.

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    Would you please consider changing one line of code in this addon.  It's in Tooltip.lua, line number 26...

     type = "data source",

    Could you change it to "launcher" instead? 

    local LDB_object = LibStub("LibDataBroker-1.1"):NewDataObject("Archy", {
     type = "launcher",
     icon = [[Interface\Icons\trade_archaeology]],
     iconCoords = { 0.075, 0.925, 0.075, 0.925 },
     text = "Archy",

    Every time a new version of Archy is released,  I go and change my local installed source. I see no discernable negative side effect from this change.  But the BENEFIT is, Archy is now compatible with OPie.  It's icon can be placed onto an OPie ring, hidden and tucked away until I need to toggle Archy on or off.


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    Thank you for your recent work on Bazooka to allow for toggling bars on and off!  The ability to "mark" my  bar#2 and then to toggle it on or off via a left-click of the Bazooka plugin's icon is exactly the behavior I was seeking with some of my prior comments. 

    I put all of my LDB launchers in this second bar, and I keep it hidden for the most part.  So it's very nice to be able to show it easily via a simple click.

    I appreciate all your hard work in providing this excellent addon!

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