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    since 7.2.5 the addon freeze IU a lot

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    fixed with the release of 7.2.5 patch

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    hi, yep i am using onebag addon


    and example


    i logging and do a run to SoO in normal and open a vendor like mamoth vendors mouse start running low and show lag spikes. if i out and in again to SoO the lag and spikes no show more.


    happens only in the first instance maps like raids, bgs and places like dreamway in every login

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    Quote from AmiYuy >>
    Quote from tarzpants >>
    Quote from Deagol >> 
    Quote from Kaminaris >> 
    Good news!  The version released today ( should fix ALL loading screen lag that we've been seeing!  It wasn't directly caused by ArkInventory, but the interaction between the two at loading made it bad enough that we were able to narrow down what in Can I Mog It's code was causing loading lag both for dungeons and first log-in.
    Thank you for the report and please let me know if you do run into any other issues!
    new version now cause lag meanwhile mouseover on bags
    eddit: only happen first time in a new place
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    scarlet tabard and doctor weawil toy still missing

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     @semlar this addon is dead?

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    Hi, since wod overachiever have a lot of autotracking bugs:


     join warsong gulch or similar bgs track all achievements about flag carrier of any bg and both factions

    examples: (tauren druid tracking eye of storm ally flag carrier achievement when join in warsong gulch + other alliance side pvp achievements of all bgs)


    autotrack some ulduar achievements when joins bgs


    autotrack alterac blitz in any bg



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     fix to legion -> https://github.com/milotic/Shooter/commit/38d7444ef3806406d42ae6d8c35327ffb0bdcf20

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    same problem :/

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    Hi, flyneko since 6.2.2 launch druids have one big problem, gupet ignore fly form to autocall minipets. loading screens likely after one bg or loading first time in day. the addon call the minipet dropping flight form and druid die because the fall.

    PD: I am reworking in update version of localisation of MX client and one real implementation to ES can you send via pm update files?

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