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    Again addon continues to work with WoW 7.1.0

    just change the TOC version in the .TOC file to 70100

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    Using a Text editor (notepad for example)

    open the Omen.TOC file and edit the first line from

    ## Interface: 60200 (or what ever you might have as an out of date addon)


    ## Interface: 70000

    save the file

    and restart the WoW game.


    This worked for me in simple testing .. hunter & pet vs. npc

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    This addon continues to work with WoW 7.0.3

    Just change the TOC version in the .TOC file to 70000

    to have the addon considered up to date.

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    "script ran too long" is Blizzards way of saying ALL your scripts are using more resources then Blizzard likes.


    Since it only happens for you while in combat, I am going to assume you also have combat logs, aggro trackers, etc. also running.

    These, specially the first item are know to use lots of script time resources.


    Either you need to cut back on your addons.. or get a faster computer.


    On the other hand why do you have the main CensusPlus window open, updating and displaying while in combat?

    Close the window and allow the addon to run quietly in background, and that may be enough to allow you to run all the addons you have running.

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    Heads up.. new version will be released later today


    Just discovered a 3.5 year old bug... that should have been noticed, if Blizzard had made Mists of Pandaria interesting.
    Pandas have been under counted on busy servers where more then 49 Pandarians were at the same level during a /who query.
    The under count probably wasn't by very much since the ignored class was Shaman.

    Oh and I will reorder the in game display of the race and class to match top to bottom from the character creation screen.
    Note the correct way to view the race/class icons is from Right to Left, as that is the order they must be processed.

    This release will purge the main CensusPlus_Database table.

    Upload your existing census data to www.WarcraftRealms.com before installing this update, or lose the info you collected.

    YOU WILL NEED to configure your options.. so open the options pane and remember or write down the settings, so you can recreate them in this new version.

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    I don't have a mac so I won't be able to help completely. Having said that...


    Addons are nothing more then allowed extensions of the WoW client... Blizzard controls all of the file saving and reading functions. Blizzard should have properly set any premissions needed. Note: all writing of data to disk is done at logout of your character from the realm.

    Do you have other addons that save data between sessions?

    Do you see any folders in the World of Warcraft folder labled.  Interface  and WTF? Interface is where the addons exist.

    WTF holds your account info and the location for saving player data it will have folder ACCOUNT.

    ACCOUNT will have your account identifier as a folder (and a Savedvariables folder.. ignore this one it is a Blizzard global item.)

    Your accountID folder will have folders for each realm you play on and inside folders for each character.

    Also the that folder will be your account level SavedVariables folder.. Inside that folder is all saved data for each of the addons you use.. IT is in this folder you should find CensusPlus.lua.

    This file is the one that contains the census data.. and the one we ask you to upload to www.warcraftrealms.com.


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    www.warcraftrealms.com is back to normal operations..

    Normal, take it like the Goblins say about loitering ("what ever that is")

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    The website has suffered a ISP provider OOPS!

    The site is back online, but certain configurations were not restored as needed.

    After spotting over 600 spam account creations in the last few hours...

    I have disabled new account creations, until the ISP fixes the security hole they enabled.

    Existing accounts can not create new posts on the site forums.

    Uploads of census data still works and all existing processing of that data proceeds as previously.

    If you don't have an account on the site, you can still upload data, (with our thanks), but the data will be credited to anonymous.

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    Known and previously commented on Chicken and Egg problem.

    On fresh installs configuration data doesn't exist.. that load of the addon will create the required files needed for the button object to cleanly process.

    As such the error goes away after the first time the addon is used.

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    Did you by any chance follow the instructions?

    There won't be any census data if you don't either:

    Manually start a census  .. pressing the TAKE button in the main CensusPlus window.. or

    Typing in the chat window  /census take

    or going into the options window and setting up your character to auto start census runs.

    (setting the timer between 5 and 15 minutes will trigger auto census on login.. with following census delayed by the time you set. Setting between 16 and 30 minutes will delay that amount of time before the first census is run.

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