• posted a message on mOnArs WardrobeHelper

    I just noticed Nightbane isn't included in the old Karazhan list. Since everyone can summon Nightbane now, it might be a good idea to add that.


    Also, is there any way to see what tier gear we don't have? I know that might be extra difficult since tokens drop, but I always have to double check other sources to see if I have the hands or helm from Kara.

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  • posted a message on Daily Quest Viewer
    Could you add the Brunnhildar daily from Storm Peaks?

    Love this addon, just wish more people used it.
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  • posted a message on FloAspectBar

    I can't seem to unlock the bar to move it. I've disabled all other mods and tried it that way, but it's still won't budge when I click-drag it. I'm using v2.3.0.10. I have no trouble moving FloTotemBars.

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  • posted a message on X-Perl UnitFrames

    How do I get a party member's pet frame to display under their portrait instead of to the right?

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