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    First off, I'd like to add that I love this addon. I frequently need to track both cooldowns and dot duration, and to accomplish this before SCD I was using a combination of bartender, OmniCC, and ClassTimers (which I hate). This has the potential to everything in one place, and that's great.

    For people who want to delete bars, turn on Advanced for a bar and scroll down in the Bar menu. There's a "/!\ Delete /!\" button there.

    Unfortunately, it seems that blacklisting is completely broken.

    I would like to suggest two things.
    First: add a simple input box for blacklist entry, so you can just type in the names of things you don't want to see, like how Grid allows you to type in names of things you DO want to see.

    Second: in addition to the blacklist, actually do exactly what grid does--implement a whitelist so that a bar will show you only the specific things you want to see in it. This would be highly preferable to having to blacklist all the things I don't want, which in some instances are many. For instance, as a shadow priest I want a bar that shows cooldowns for Mind Blast and Shadow Word: Death, but on the same bar I want to see the duration of the Devouring Plague, Shadow Word: Pain, and Vampiric Touch debuffs on the target. I also want to see the duration of my Mind Flay spell.

    All of these things together would essentially give me a "what you should cast next" bar, which is the intent of my previous three-addon configuration.

    Finally, I can confirm this weird thing with the Talisman of Resurgence trinket. I see the same effect when I pop my Nevermelting Ice Crystal, and for the record the talisman trink is in my bag as well.
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