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    I only want to queue for HOTs. This would be a nice feature in the new version, but for now you can add the following line under "function satchelFinder(role, id)":

    if (id ~= 434) then return false end

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    Auctionator does not put auction prices in merchant windows. This functionality can be accomplished by adding the following code to the end of AuctionatorHints.lua:

    hooksecurefunc (GameTooltip, "SetMerchantItem",
     function(tip, merchantIndex)
      local _, _, num = GetMerchantItemInfo(merchantIndex);
      ShowTipWithPricing (tip, GetMerchantItemLink(merchantIndex), num);

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    FYI getting chat message: This event should not have been printedADDON_LOADED

    where arg=="Auc-ScanData", possibly more

    edit: also arg=="Blizzard_MacroUI", so definately more

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