• posted a message on WeakAuras 2

    Since yesterday all of my WeakAuras are deleted. Years of trial and error - gone. Fortunately I have created external backups for most of them. It will still take the whole day to make everything new.


    On the other hand, the settings of TomTom were also reset. Maybe Blizzard messed something up?

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  • posted a message on Addon Control Panel

    Everytime I try to disable an addon that brings separate modules with it, ACP seems to reactivate the core addon on every UI reload if I dont deactivate the dependent modules with it. Thats pretty annoying cause I use macros to dis/enable addons and often all the addon namess dont fit into the 255-letters-limit, so I have to use only the core addon name instead.


    Also, if I try to save profiles with core addons turned off, ACP save these addons as "turned on" regardless of whether I let the dependent addons turned on or turn them off.

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  • posted a message on SexyMap

    I tried to use a custom texture for a thin black border around the minimap, but regardless of if I use a black "original" texture or if I use a white one and set black as color in the SM options, the border loose its opacity and becomes invincible.

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  • posted a message on Addon Usage

    Thank you for this great addon! It is so difficult to find a clean and easy-to-use addon for a task like this. Please keep updating this useful piece of work, because I am very happy to be able to use it!

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  • posted a message on Skada for Tanks

    Getting comparable erros, too!

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  • posted a message on Pawn

    Send you a PM. Dont want do bloat this page.

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  • posted a message on Pawn

    I dont know why, but this addon is broken for me atm:


    About a week ago I was wondering why Pawn showed me an upgrade for an item which was 10 item levels lower than the one I was wearing at that moment. The weird thing was that Pawn neverless calculated a lower value of that worse item like it should do. So I navigated to the options panel and clicked the rescan button. The upgrade indicator disappeared immediately.


    Actually I like this addon a lot because of obvious reasons, but this problem is a little catastrophe. Not only it is useless to have an addon running I cant count on; I wonder how many items I missed or threw away because Pawn reacted wrong to them, too.


    I was hoping that the last patch would fix that problem, but it is still present. In the meantime I am hitting the rescan button everytime Pawn shows me an upgrade, and 4 of 5 times the upgrade indicator disappear. I have to compare every single item manually atm to bypass this huge disadvantage.


    Please fix that ASAP! I really want to use Pawn again!

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  • posted a message on ColorPickerPlus

    It seems you work pretty fast. I apologize for being so rough in the first place. Thank you for your effort.


    Hopefully Blizzard will fix this ASAP!

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  • posted a message on ColorPickerPlus

    CPP often try to pick a pale yellow color for everything. Even if I try to use especially another color, often this yellow color is using instead.

    It seems that sometimes after I used another color, CPP try to use this color instead before using this yellow again.

    Also sometimes the "copy and paste"- functions are not react.

    Additionally, if CPP shows up the first time after a login, relog or interface reload the two color-selection triangles on the side of this "bar" are on the top end regardless of what brightness is selected in fact.

    Please fix this, it is very annoying!

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  • posted a message on SorhaQuestLog

    I use this AddOn for my clean UI and I think it is the best quest tracker addon I found so far. But there are a couple of features I am missing atm:


    First please make the quest items movable in terms of the distance to the quest tracker. I think its ugly to let them appear so close to it.


    Second it would be easier to recognize the quest that is tracked atm if the POI tag of this specific quest would appear in another colour than the others.


    Third I do not know if that is the intention, but it seems that the backround of the whole quest tracker is too large on the right side.


    Fourth I really want to be able to set a maximum height to the quest frame similar like it is possible to the width already!


    Fifth it is very important to me that there is an option to aligned the text to the right side!


    If you would change these things or if someone would explain to me how I could do it myself that would make me happy. I know the basics of LUA and Notepad++, so the only thing I need to know is what code I have to put in which place of which file.

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