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    1. Open "LegionTransmog.lua" with "Notepad++".

    2. Navigate to "Search -> Find -> Replace".

    3. Type "Frame.title" into "Find what".

    4. Type "Frame.Title" into "Replace with".

    5. Click "Replace all".

    6. Close the extra window.

    7. Scroll all the way down to the end of the document.

    7. Add "tinsert(UISpecialFrames, GlobalAddonName.."SourcesFrame")" to a new line.

    8. Add "tinsert(UISpecialFrames, GlobalAddonName.."SetsFrameSourcesFrame")" to another new line.

    9. Press "Ctrl" and "s" at the same time in order to save the changes.


    Now you should have changed 13 lines. Congratulations, you are done!

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  • posted a message on Bagnon

    Bagnon still sometimes does not react to the button to close the bag window.


    In addition, the arrow from "Pawn" does not disapper from an item slot after I sold the item to a vendor.

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  • posted a message on Server Hop

    This addon always pops up if I use the addon "World Quest Group Finder" to search for groups or create one.

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  • posted a message on World Quest Group Finder

    Could you please make the main button bigger, like a wide button with inscriptions like "search for groups", "create a group" etc.?


    However, thank you for keep going with this addon, although blizzard imposed additional work on you.

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  • posted a message on Bagnon

    It seem that 7.0.4 is the last version which works correctly.


    Version 7.1.0 is totally broken. LUA- error, but no bag window.


    Since 7.1.1 the "search"- function does not work correctly anymore.


    Since 7.2.0 Bagnon also does not react on "Bagnon Facade" anymore.


    In addition, at least since the last version the bag windows does not close itself in irregular intervals if I push the button which is assigned to this function. Nevertheless it opens exemplary.

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    Could you please add a stand alone option for city combat instead of including city combat in the world combat option?

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  • posted a message on DynamicCam



    If the character is using a taxi like a flight point for example, both "IsMounted()" and "UnitOnTaxi("player")" are triggered.

    To avoid any malfunction the condition for the situation "mounted" should be changed to: "return IsMounted() and not UnitOnTaxi("player");".


    In addition, there is no option for scenarios, so the camera settings are set to something that the user does not seem to have active control over.

    To avoid the camera to jump around while entering a scenario, there should be options for them like those for dungeons and raids.

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  • posted a message on Garrison Mission Manager

    GMM did a bad suggestion to me today: it ignored a "deadly hazard" I could not counter and one of the bonuses from "Dvalen" as well.


    I uploaded two pictures: first for what it proposed, second for what it should.

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    I created a lot of custom rules to sort all my stuff and since 7.2 it seems that AI doesnt recognize the types of items correctly. For example, armor items are flagged as gemstones, weapons as containers, herbs as projectiles, recipes as object appreciations and other items are flagged weird, too. Now probably 70-80 % of my whole inventory is totally mixed in the wrong way and a lot of custom made item groups are incorrect.


    I use a german client so I had to guess the english category names, sorry.

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  • posted a message on WeakAuras 2

    Since yesterday all of my WeakAuras are deleted. Years of trial and error - gone. Fortunately I have created external backups for most of them. It will still take the whole day to make everything new.


    On the other hand, the settings of TomTom were also reset. Maybe Blizzard messed something up?

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