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    How do you disable the PVP event map?  I really don't find it that useful and it floods my map with garbage all over Dalaran from the sewer battles.


    While I couldn't find a way to disable it, I was able to find a workaround.  You change the indicator from icon to dots and make the dots transparent.  Dalaran is no longer flooded with little symbols for me. 

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    I'm having a weird bug where items keep getting placed in bar 16.  It doesn't matter what I have the item set to, it gets tossed in bar 16 and stuck there.  Sometimes the items will get unstuck and go in the correct section but sometimes I have to completely exit the game and come back to get them to cooperate.  I really don't want to clear out all my settings and start fresh is there anything else I can try before going to that extreme?

    Edit: I cleared bar 16 and now everything is going into my main bar...  Here's a screenshot:  http://i.imgur.com/dPmid68.jpg   As you can tell I have bar 24 setup for custom -> ret but it's all going in bar 1 (it was all going in bar 16 until I cleared it).  This isn't just for custom items but everything I pickup.  

    Edit2:  After uninstalling/reinstalling and setting everything back up I was still having trouble.  I figured out what was causing the issue though!  I enabled "New Items" and apparently it's glitched in Windows 10?  It kept overriding items as "New Item" even when they weren't new and moving it into whatever bag I had setup for "New Items".  Completely disabling "New Item" seemed to fix the issue.  

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