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    Two things:


    1. Awesome addon - thank you for your work.


    2. It took some elbowing to get it to work. Perhaps it was just because Blizzard did a game update today, but hoping this helps someone. I downloaded and installed this addon via Curse. It showed up in my Curse list. It showed up on my Windows machine in programs. It did not show up when I logged into the game. After about 15 minutes of "what did I do wrong", I simply shut the game down, rebooted my machine, and Voila! The paste icon now shows up on the minimap and pasting was a breeze.


    One caveat.... In many posts for way points, folks are stripping out the zone and simply showing something like this:    /way 29.3 35.2

    This is a valid format.....BUT......


    If you paste this format, and you are NOT in the zone you want these waypoints to be in, every waypoint shows up in the zone your character is currently IN. So.... either get to the zone, then paste your waypoints in.....OR...be where you are, and simply include the zone info as you paste.  If you are in game, and type /way in the chat window, TomTom will spit the format options at you.


    TomTom's ZONE format is like this:


                   /way <zone> <x> <y> <description>


    Example:         /way Ashran x-coords  y-coords Fragment Chest

    Example:         /way Tanaan Jungle x y Fel Fragment


    Hope this helps.


    P.S. if you imported waypoints into the wrong zone, simply go to your TomTom options (hit escape, go to Interface, select Addons, go to TomTom, go to Waypoints profile, and reset your profile.) This removes them. But please know, if you previously entered custom waypoints, this will reset everything! You have been warned ;-)


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