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    When will the new version be available via Curse?


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    Is there an easy way to track other interaction achivements? Like the /love squirrels achivements?

    I know that I can track them by adding them individually, but seeing at the kill achivements list which have been found and which haven't I thougth that this would be smarter.

    I tried adding the achivement ID to the list along with the three kill-achivements in ...\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\_NPCScan\_NPCScan.lua
    This gave me a tab in the interface, but the only content is the achivement text, I was really hoping for the full list.

    Is there just something I'm missing or is there some programming missing, that fouls my attempt?

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    A good and useful add-on!

    But I would love that when updating (requesting) someone else from the Account Summary and right-click an account that it could automatically choose the one which is online - or at least give me the option of choosing any of the alts, not just the last one. Or perhaps a 'update from this char' when right-clicking the individual chars on the account

    It would also be nice if the transfer-window could be moved (if it is moveable I've been unable to)

    Also if I for some reason have to (or feel the desire to) 'cancel' a transfer the related account disappears from the account summary and will remain gone until I re-log.

    Despite a few short-comings I think you have made a great add-on!
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    I like this addon, but there are a few improvements that would make med LOVE it:
    * Ability to track guild bank content (tooglable separate from own bank)
    * The tooltip and/or icon text showing the number needed to hand in (so I don't have to calculate for my self how many more I have to find to get enough for a hand in
    * Ability to see IF I can turn in the item (if i'm honored I might not be able to turn it in because it is only supported up to friendly) - maybe as a to-from thing? like [neutral-friendly] or [friendly] and then perhaps coloring passed rep levels grey, current green/yellow/orange and future red

    This is the only addon I've found that supports this, so I'm definitely a fan!
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