• posted a message on Power Auras Classic v4

    Is there a way to check the unit name of the mob? I want to setup a warning when my target is under 40% health and the target's name is Siegemaster, but the "unit name" field indicates it is for party/raid members.

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  • posted a message on MultiTool

    Is it possible to white list my entire guild and friends list without putting in every name?

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  • posted a message on Follow Felankor (Auto Follow and Dual/Multi Boxing AddOn)

    Drop it on us, primarykey. I know I'm suffering not having this addon working. Just label it "FollowFelankor [Fan Update]" and you'll be fine.

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  • posted a message on Benefits with Friends

    Is it possible to add a command to have your friends mount with a whisper? The old FollowFelankor addon had this feature.

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  • posted a message on QMAGNET's Test Map for Resource Packs and Map Makers

    This map is incredible. The one thing I would ask for is a "block showcase" for a one screenshot view of all(most) of the blocks (something simliar to the now dead Kab's Texture Pack Showcase). Makes it easy to show off all the blocks for a resource pack screenshot.

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  • posted a message on Pokedex

    Can you add to the mount button a detection to see if you are in Nagrand and have the mount outpost/garrison ability? 

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  • posted a message on Master Plan

    Can you add the follower tab weapon/armor enhancements to the Garrison Report tab also? Being able to see the follower's weapon and armor levels without being at a command table would be great on its own!

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  • posted a message on Dugi Questing Essential


    Option to toggle off showing the 3D model of the flightmaster when hovering over the flight path on world map - I'd rather see the name of the path

    Scaling for the mini quest item button - I'd like to make it bigger

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  • posted a message on Touchy's Settings

    Can you add gxResolution to this addon and force config.wtf to not reset it when using Directx11? This would be for custom resolutions (so it would need input boxes, not drop downs or sliders) and fix the issue wherein the client removes the gxResolution line from config.wtf when using Directx11 (not an issue in dx9).

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  • posted a message on XLoot

    The roll window itself seems to become entirely non-operational. Hovering over an action button gives no tooltip, I can't choose to need, greed, disenchant, or pass. The timer background still counts down. Essentially, all I can do is wait for the timer to run out for the box to disappear. It only happens in a group (obviously, in order to make it a roll) and only occurs when opening a boss loot chest. The only thing I'm unsure of is if it occurs always or only when someone else is opening the chest at the same time.

    I think the easiest dungeon to test this on is Blackrock Depths, The Seven is the "seven" boss fight, third from last, right before Magmus. Honestly, when put on the spot I can't even think of the fastest dungeon with a boss chest lol.

    I mean, as it is, I just avoid being the one to open the loot chests because XLoot is much better than the default loot windows.

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