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    That stops the errors...for Demonology. But the SkeenCore3DestructionWarlock module bugs out with the following different error on load and keeps on repeating the bug until you disable it (v1.9.46):

    ["message"] = "...estructionWarlock\\Libs\\LibSkeenCore\\LibSkeenCore.lua:303: Usage: UnitBuff(\"unit\", [index] or [\"name\", \"rank\"][, \"filter\"])",
    ["count"] = 1000,
    ["locals"] = "(*temporary) = \"player\"\n(*temporary) = nil\n",
    ["context"] = "Global",
    ["stack"] = "[C]: in function `unitFunction'\n...estructionWarlock\\Libs\\LibSkeenCore\\LibSkeenCore.lua:303: in function <...estructionWarlock\\Libs\\LibSkeenCore\\LibSkeenCore.lua:298>\n(tail call): ?\n(tail call): ?\n(tail call): ?\n...3DestructionWarlock\\SkeenCore3DestructionWarlock.lua:57: in function `Rotation'\nInterface\\AddOns\\SkeenCore3\\SkeenCore3.lua:75: in function `RotationUpdate'\nInterface\\AddOns\\SkeenCore3\\SkeenCore3Events.lua:36: in function `?'\nInterface\\AddOns\\SkeenCore3\\SkeenCore3Events.lua:9: in function <Interface\\AddOns\\SkeenCore3\\SkeenCore3Events.lua:9>\n[C]: in function `CameraOrSelectOrMoveStop'\n[string \"CAMERAORSELECTORMOVE\"]:4: in function <[string \"CAMERAORSELECTORMOVE\"]:1>\n",

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    Fire spec bugs out with its inclusion in the latest release.

    Bitten's SpellFlash: Mage 2.0.0, BittensSpellFlashLibrary r32, SpellFlash r656, SpellFlashCore r248, BigLibTimer v6.0, USEnglish client/server, WoW 4.3.4 live. Two bosses into Dragon Soul 10 normal and the following error came up. It repeated a large number of times (44) before I disabled the mod and went back to SpellFlash: Mage: 

    ["message"] = "[email protected]@\\Configs.lua:35: Usage: UnitIsUnit(\"unit\", \"otherUnit\")\[email protected]@\\Configs.lua:35: in function `?'\[email protected]@\\SpellFlash.lua:1443: in function <Interface\\AddOns\\SpellFlash\\SpellFlash.lua:1441>\n",
                ["type"] = "error",
                ["locals"] = {
                    "event = \"SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS\"\nc = <table> {\n GetMyDebuffDuration = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\BittensSpellFlashLibrary\\BittensSpellFlashLibrary2.lua:218\n GetID = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\BittensSpellFlashLibrary\\BittensSpellFlashLibrary2.lua:251\n FIVE_PERCENT_BUFFS = <table> {\n }\n GetDebuffDuration = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\BittensSpellFlashLibrary\\BittensSpellFlashLibrary2.lua:222\n GetCooldown = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\BittensSpellFlashLibrary\\BittensSpellFlashLibrary2.lua:236\n CRIT_DEBUFFS = <table> {\n }\n GetBuffDuration = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\BittensSpellFlashLibrary\\BittensSpellFlashLibrary2.lua:198\n GetBuffStack = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\BittensSpellFlashLibrary\\BittensSpellFlashLibrary2.lua:203\n SelfBuffNeeded = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\BittensSpellFlashLibrary\\BittensSpellFlashLibrary2.lua:260\n RotateCooldowns = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\BittensSpellFlashLibrary", -- [1]
                    (rest of locals cut out to save space, they go on for a while)
                ["session"] = 7568,
                ["counter"] = 44,

    In the module's options before first use, I disabled Frost & Arcane spec and left the other selections (four numbers) at the defaults.

    Btw, would work better if you had your mod folders start with SpellFlash instead of Bittens. Such as SpellFlash_Bittens_Mage or whatever else you like. Would make it a lot easier for people to keep track of all the different SpellFlash modules when among a large number of local mods. I can do it manually modifying the TOCs & folders myself, but that change would add convenience for others.

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    Thanks for sticking with proven, math-based priorities. As well as working on updates to many SpellFlash class modules (as many were out of date).

    Lots of people have what they think is ideal for rotations based on guesswork/think-its-best/best-only-when-certain-CDs-are-up. But math is the only way to get to the true ideals.

    Thanks again.

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    v2.0 bugs out at logon, unlike v1.1. Filed a ticket at the project site.

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    On both the "Other Downloads" section here as well as the CurseForge page, the latest download is for one of your other mods: RepairGear_v1.4.zip. The last NoThreat download is v1.1 from 2009.

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    The fact this was unannounced at the time with no in-game way to know where the "joke" comes from is inexcusable; intentional software misbehavior is unethical, no matter how "funny" the devs think it is. Nice job on unnecessarily increasing the Blizzard GM workload, causing delays for people's tickets unrelated to this "joke".

    Its not a matter of "malicious code" and/or whether Blizzard would not approve and/or whether people can look through the code. Nice job on the spin Frown. Its a matter of a mod doing something totally unexpected (and annoying for many) as well as people in general--due to the nature of the "joke"--thinking it was something Blizzard did. Which they didn't. And unless they come here and view the comments/description (which those using Curse client or similar may not do), they'll have to put up with the annoyance forever or until they get a Blizzard GM response.

    What the poster above was refering to as suspicious: if DBM is coded to do something as unexpected as this, what sort of unannounced "joke" will it do in the future? Add a transparency over your full UI that you can't see through at random times outside of instances? Have continual static white noise play at the end of every month? And so on. When you do something such as this, of course it raises suspicions as to what the mod will do in the future.

    Do average users have to inspect hundreds of lines of code (and understand it) on every DBM update to find out what future "jokes" are in the code so they can do away with them if they choose (and have the skill to remove them)? Or will DBM developers be responsible in the future and provide ingame notifications on how to disable any future "jokes" at the time they happen?

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    InstanceTime v4.3 is still very unreliable when selecting the "Let InstanceTime handle start/stop (of the timer) automatically" option, as it was when I first reported it months ago.

    Checkmark that option and uncheck "Timer starts with first pull" & "Timer stops after end boss was killed" options. For "Time Period:" choose the default 30.

    Enter the LFD finder and choose a specific dungeon (in this case, the new for WoW 4.3 Well of Eternity). Start from the beginning and finish it, then leave the party as is standard procedure. The timer appears to stop in the LDB display.

    Then choose a "random dungeon" in the LFD finder and wait. About 7 minutes after finishing the last one, the queue comes up. Enter the new dungeon through the LFD finder -- which is again Well of Eternity -- but with a different group. Enter it at a point after the first two bosses have been killed.

    Improperly, the timer restarts at "28:12..." as though I had not finished and left the last dungeon. It incorrectly seemed to be "on hold" waiting for the same dungeon to appear again. This despite leaving the finished last dungeon by leaving the party.

    I then CTRL-leftclicked the LDB feed to stop the timer, then started it again doing the same thing. The LDB feed showed "1 sec", etc. properly. But then after a few seconds the timer reverted to "29:12...". Did this a few times and the timer never reset.

    Here's hoping you can get the "Let InstanceTime handle start/stop (of the timer) automatically" option to work properly some day.

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    Combustion does flash for a Fire spec mage with SpellFlash: Mage 1.3.92 & SpellFlash 5.109.

    You are either missing it (it stops flashing quickly once the triggers are no longer active) or you do not have all of Ignite, Pyroblast & Living Bomb DOTs on the target. Better gear=more frequent Pyroblast & Fireball Ignite crits .

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    There is no new alpha, beta or release update at WowAce.

    Last version posted there is the identical, buggy-in-WoW 4.3 version 1.6.5/r348 that is available on Curse here, last updated on June 28/2011.

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    Thanks for the v4.1.8 update that stops the errors and allows it to work again.

    Encountered another serious problem with the mod in WoW 4.3, though, that makes it much less useful than it used to be. The mod cannot see and doesn't report the new 4.3 epic gems (item level 300+) after scanning.

    For example, have it scan for all colors (checkmarked), the "Mastery" stat and the type "Epic". After the scan, it doesn't report anything as being on the auction house. Despite the fact there were five Fractured Lightstones on the AH at the time.

    Next test, have the mod scan for all colors again as well as the "Epic" type, but change the stat to "All Stats". After scanning, all the pre-Cataclysm epic gems people had up appeared on the Gem Viewer page, but not a single one of the new 4.3 ones. Doing manual searches on the default Blizzard AH page afterwards, there were many of them up there.

    So this needs to be fixed to be able to see the new epic gems.

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