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    GTFO won't be affected by 7.1's changes.  The addon doesn't rely on player or map coordinates. 


    GTFO is a fail alert designed to tell you to move when you're standing in bad stuff.  It will not tell your character where you need to move to. 

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    Thank you!  I'll have it removed.

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    Please remove the Sky Golem from the passengerflying list.  It's not a passenger mount!

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    Can you describe the issue more? 

    For example:

    • Is there a reason to stand in it? 
    • Does it do too little damage to not matter in LFR? 
    • Is it completely unavoidable by a person targeted by Heartseeker?


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  • posted a message on CatchTheWind

    I stumbled upon this addon and it has a lot of promise!  I found a few bugs while testing this addon:

    • When the black bars are first appearing at the start of the quest, the complete first sentence of quest text is appearing briefly.
    • The camera stopped zooming in after a short while too.

    I also have a few suggestions for improving the addon:


    • Have an option to not zoom in until the quest text starts (so it doesn't zoom in when I go to vendor trash or talk to other non-quest NPCs).
    • Some quests show an NPC picture with name and description.  I would like it should be shown somewhere on the screen so I'm not missing out on quest text from using this addon.
    • I'd like to see the extra info for the quest near the Accept button (above the black bar but styled like the chat box), showing gold/XP earned, potential rewards, the objectives, and the instructions text.
    • Finally, a hidden way to "override" the addon would be helpful, like how BodyGuardAway requires a shift-click to interact with body guards.  That way I can quickly grab repeatable quests I don't want to watch visuals for.
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    Quest mobs (with golden ! icon) still don't show up as quest mobs. :/  Did this feature not make it in?

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  • posted a message on Premade Filter
    Line: 3658
    -- temp
    self.SoundNotificationsHeader:SetTextColor(GRAY_FONT_COLOR.r, GRAY_FONT_COLOR.g, GRAY_FONT_COLOR.b);
    Line: 3759
    PremadeFilter_MenuCheckboxItem("Enable sound notifications", PremadeFilter_GetSettings("SoundNotifications"), nil, true),

    So basically this option is always disabled in code with no implementation at all.  Was it forgotten?  Are there plans to add it?

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    More specifically, it no longer shows on my target even though "Display Combo Point Bar" is selected.

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  • posted a message on Z-Perl Unit Frames

    Upgraded to latest version (5.0.2) and I noticed combo points are no longer showing up for my feral druid.

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  • posted a message on CooldownCount

    Latest version I downloaded today (7.0.1) is throwing errors:


    Message: ..\AddOns\CooldownCount\CooldownCount.lua line 352:
       attempt to concatenate a nil value
       CooldownCount\CooldownCount.lua:352: CreateCooldownCount()
       [C]: CooldownFrame_Set()
       ..\FrameXML\ActionButton.lua:540: StartChargeCooldown()
       ..\FrameXML\ZoneAbility.lua:106: ZoneAbilityFrame_Update()


    Also, I believe a change that's now happening is that it's showing the countdown number while an ability is gaining charges (before it would only show up when the ability was completely out of charges).  Can it to go back to the old way or at least have an option to toggle it to not display when there are charges available? 


    (A good example of this is the Artillery Strike garrison ability with 3 charges)

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