• posted a message on MogIt

    Sad having to uninstall the addon as it has become totally useless since the option to sort by color was removed. This was the main reason I used and loved this addon. WIthout it it's pointless. Might aswell just be using the in-game wardrobe.


    We want to find the color to match our transmog!

    Hoping it will come back one day.

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  • posted a message on Server Hop

    Can we get an option to automatically close the Server Hop window when joining a group?

    Annoying having to X it out manually everytime you join a group with the WQGF addon.

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  • posted a message on Ellipsis (Multi-Target DoT Timers)

    Is there an option to disable the addon on specific characters? Like I would only use this for my Warlock maybe a Priest.

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  • posted a message on ChatCopy

    Great addon! Finally a good addon for copying.

    Would've liked to be able to close the extra window with the Esc button, if this is possible.

    And the option to move the window and button.

    But othewise it's perfect :)

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  • posted a message on KeystoneLinkPlus


    Cool idea for an addon, but can't seem to get it to work : /

    When linking keystones it ends up not showing any link at all. Not from linking it myself or reading other peoples link.

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