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    I'm trying to show icon when none of my enemies have my Rake up, and then also Rip for its own icon. But the icon always shows up, and when i apply Rake it still shows.


    I did "All-Unit Buffs/Debuffs" icon with "Rake" as what to track, and Hidden when any present and 100% shown when all absent.


    edit: I think i solved it with "Buff/Debuff" type by setting "who to watch" to "target" and track debuff.

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    Can you make it possible to disable warning for "Fatigue" that comes from flying over seas? I think it's currently grouped over Raid/High damage, but it would fit better under Environment section. I have that disabled anyway so that would be an easy fix.


    edit: Nevermind, i saw other comment and found it in special alerts.

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    And then another error when quest progress updated, different than those other 2:





    This was seriously erroring all the time, so i fixed this for my instance temporarily by converting it to string


    Line 3556: msg = "" .. msg

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    Here's paste for 2 LUA errors i got when entering game http://pastebin.com/xjVxJxBc

    I only just installed the addon, so if it uses any config files they were all reset.


    Edit: Oh, potential fix for that too (Scenarios.lua).

    Line 1320:

    local inChallengeMode = false
    if (C_Scenario.IsChallengeMode ~= nil) inChallengeMode = C_Scenario.IsChallengeMode()

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    Same error as Vyshan about PaladinPowerBar, but i'm playing a druid. I don't have many mods after legion patch, but i do have Dominos if it counts for anything. No addons for unitframes.

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  • posted a message on SexyMap

    Is it possible for addon to change quest POI color more transparent? I mean the blue area as here: http://imgur.com/rIg0owG

    Because it's dominating the visuals of maps themselves, can't see them when you most want to.

    It's also why i can't use hudmap with archeology tracking on, the red area is just too visible.

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  • posted a message on No Potion FOV

    I used to have Numina mod in 1.7.10 to do same thing, but yeah this (3 October 2015 version) is not working with 1.8.8+ yet.

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  • posted a message on CustomItems

    I think the documentation should include how to add new textures and use them in the custom items. It is sort of essential, and i have no idea how to go about it. Is it enough to just add a new .jar in mods\ with correct paths and .png files? Or do you need to compile some Java script to register them in somehow?

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  • posted a message on TooMuchTime

    Is this mod tested to support Morpheus server mod? What i can tell is that it acts bugged. Server repeats the "Wakey wakey..." etc infinitely until player gets out of bed. By luck it may be either morning or then time hasn't moved at all. As observer i can see sun itching tiny steps up and down in the horizon.

    I have set day and night length 24000. First try was with 24000 day and 12000 night, but then when waking up it might sometimes show sun all the way up being midday.

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  • posted a message on Doomlike Dungeons

    How do i disable generation of spawners? I can't find a config toggle. I think it generated a "million" of them last time i used the mod, and it was the sole reason for uninstalling.

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