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    The raid/world markers do not put down the correct color of marker, they're all mixed up. Red does not put red, orange does not put orange, and so on.


    Its workable but not really preferable to just using a macro on my hotbar like I have been prior to this being added.


    Can it please get fixed to match the colors with the corresponding marker?


    ALSO, I cannot equip saved outfits from the character menu anymore, I have to disable the addon, do it in the default window, then reenable the addon. Fix that too.

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    All items created can:

    1) Only be used by other people with the addon. Text triggers will still display. Because its text.

    2) Not do anything that actually affects the game in any way. You can make anything from a readable book, to a compass that only shows you your facing when used, to a pair of dice, to a usable mp3 player, but as for things like your 2,000g death aura? No. Anything like that would be purely visual and only show up as a buff/debuff for people using the addon already.

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