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    it seems that pipes are not completely optimised for their function.

    It took me whole a lot of time just to find out that i have to disable crossfeed restrictions to make them work.

    I am playing on higher difficulties and i dont want to be forced to change difficulty settings to use pipe the way it should be.

    Without "resource transfers obeys crossfeed rules" disabled there is no buttons to operate resource transfer after pipe link is made.

    Or at least there could be small hint about it, as it took me whole afternnon to figure this one out.

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  • posted a message on Reptile Mod

    Some strange issue while playing on 1.8

    Magalania is spawning normali on single player, but when i run the same world in multiplayer server, then megalanias are turned into crocodile monitor, and cant be spawned even on creative. But they still have same hit range and attack the player. It's really annoying when small lizard hits you from several blocks away and you barely can hit it. Plus it's crappy to play multi without huge mob.

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