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    Anyone found a decent alternative to this?

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    Quote from jrors93 >>

    Having issues with Button Forge today, since the 7.2 patch. I have "Ice Lance" in one of the buttons. However when I go to click it for use, it does nothing. In the standard WoW actions bars, it does work however. Any idea when Button Forge is getting updated?


    Thanks! :)

     I came here for the exact same issue and there's an easy workaround. Instead of the spell, make a macro and move that to the bar instead.

    #showtooltip Ice Lance
    /cast Ice Lance
    is nice and simple. I'm guessing this works for the other bugged spells as well but that's the only one I've encountered so far.

    To the author - don't know if this is helpful, but it will cast the FIRST time but then not again for several seconds as if it's adding some sort of cooldown.
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