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    I wish you made this for 1.7.10 ):

    It looks so good, but I cannot afford to switch to 1.10 since I have an entire modpack on 1.7.10

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    Hey, I love the mod.


    I noticed that if I right click a lantern with an item in survival, it disappears from the game and its simply lost. Sometimes, if I then pick the lantern and put it down, the lost item might randomly replace the lantern. I'm on the latest 1.7.10 version (1.6.7 and 1.2.4 for the framework). 


    Also, is there any way to add realisticTorches to be natively recognised as a torch when you right click the lantern to refill, other than orediccionary? :) I use this mod with it to make light a challenge.



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