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    A quest sound needs to be added for the "Fish Ringer" for Sea Scorpion Lunkers. It works fine for all other lunkers, but Sea Scorpions were only added into the game in the last big patch.

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    Hello. I love your addon. It's one of my very favorites.

    I wanted to report a bug.

    I have a ring set up for all my favorite mounts. I bought and learned the 'Magic Rooster' mount. On the OPie ring, the rooster icon is darkened, the way mount icons are darkened when you're indoors and they can't be summoned, and there's a message in red at the bottom of the tooltip that says "You have not collected this mount". Every once in a blue moon the icon turns colorful and the "you have not collected this mount" message goes away. But it only lasts a few minutes, and then it's back to "unlearned" the rest of the time.

    I didn't think anything of this, seeing I was able to put it on a ring and summon it regardless.

    But since this latest patch, my new 'Chauffeur' mount is also darkened, and it has the message "You are not the right faction for this mount". I just looked through all the mounts on my ring, and the 'Argent Warhorse' is the same as the Chauffeur.

    I logged into one of my Alliance characters and my 'Traveling Tundra', and the 'Chauffeur' mounts aren't even on her rings. If I add them again, they disappear from the ring on reload.

    My Tundra mount has ALWAYS worked from OPie up untill this last patch. 

    These mounts only appear like this on my OPie ring. In my mount journal they don't tell me they haven't been learned, or that I'm in the wrong faction, and the icons are normal.

    Something in this patch has broken something in your addon.

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    Hey. I just thought you'd like to see a discussion we've been having on warcraftpets.com. Fishing Buddy was instrumental in logging my catches, so it's been integral to the subject.


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    I just thought I'd add, If you put in a feature to count the number of casts, so as to get a better RNG count, you might want to program it to disregard casts that have been canceled out within two seconds. (Generally I have never caught a fish in under four seconds).

    The reason is: If you're trying to cast into a school, It may take several attempts to get your bobber to land in the school. Each cast that is canceled out (re-cast) would give a false total [cast-number] if all casts were counted, regardless if they were successful or not.

    Or it could count only casts that resulted in some king of catch.

    (I have a feeling you're going to get a lot more comments and suggestions now that Draenor added some nice things to get from fishing. But... each suggestion can potentially improve the addon. :D )

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    Hey it's me again... sorry (lol).

    Is there a way to run a script in the addon that will only use Rumsey's if the buff is not active?

    Otherwise it's using it every time I cast. And this will run through the lager very fast (and exhust my supply), and make my screen blurry. You lose time fishing if you're channeling VOMIT! :P



    P.S. FB isn't appying Draenor Bait. So I have to use a macro that has a /use ...Bait line for each bait.

    Perhaps FB does use the bait if you use the double-right-click method. But it doesn't apply bait if you use the macro generated from "Create Macro." Maybe in a future update the macro would also trigger Draenor Bait, and apply all other FB functions? I prefer using a separate macro over double clicking, simply because I don't like double clicking if I can single click, which any macro allows me to do.

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    Thank you for replying. =)

    Yeah that box does count lower percentages. However, to get an accurate percentage you need a much larger sample size.

    Because that box (in the photo) is reset every time you leave the zone and start fishing again, you get an overall very low sample size. If I caught only two lunkers before leaving the zone (which could take me two hours), I only have two as a sample—I would have to stand there and fish up 100 Lunkers, in one zone, without logging out or switching zones (and God forbid I DC!), in order to get a sample of 100.

    The box accessed through the mini-map keeps track of zone catches longer, but that box doesn't count anything below 1%. Therefor there is nothing that keeps logs for long periods of time, through several fishing sessions, that also counts fractional percentages.

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    A few things that would greatly improve this addon...


    1) "Totals" - This has to be the biggest thing I'm not liking about what this addon is doing. Changing this would be a BIG improvement!

    Fishing Buddy is counting the [total number of fish caught], and then calculating percentages based on that number. I know it's counting total fish because I watched the number go up THREE integers in ONE catch, on a single catch where I had caught two fish and one bait.

    This is not a true percentage for "DROP-RATES." Drop rates are based on the number of CASTS. What people need to know is how many casts it takes to proc. a particular fish, according to RNG. 

    It's just like when you kill an NPC and it drops several pieces of gear and junk items - the other drops in that kill aren't considered in the drop rate for each [individual] item; yet this is what FB is doing.

    I've been taking logs of my Lunker catches to try to find out the drop-rate (because wowhead is probably wrong, and is often corrected by user data). But when I realized FB isn't counting CASTS (kills), I scraped the percentage aspect of the project, because the data I was accumulating is now useless.


    1b) If the box that stays open on my screen is counting percentages based on items caught, and not casts (kills), then I can only imagine the box that totals all catch percentages (opened from the mini-map) is based on the same thing. Again, the data is useless from the RNG perspective.


    2) I left Talador to go to my garrison. When I returned, all percentages (in the box on my screen) were set back to zero. But as soon as I began fishing, the numbers jumped up. It must be counting what's in my bags because it didn't count Lunkers, which I now had none of because I had turned them in to Nat Pagle at my garrison. Counting what's in your bags, as opposed to just sticking to what was caught from a zone, per session, is not a good idea, because it falsifies the reading if did I something like: sent some fish to an alt, or gave my Lunkers to Nat… and this offset my inventory.


    3) FB doesn't count percentages under 1%. It's reading the Lunkers as a 0% drop. But we all know it's not a ZERO percent drop, because if it was zero, nothing would be dropping, right? It's probably just .5 or something. But because FB doesn't count anything below 1%, we can never know that from this addon. I've looked and haven’t found an addon that I can program to count casts and percentages; but I thought this addon would do that... Just sayin'. Either way, due to point #1 above, this number isn't a true RNG number, based on casts.


    4) I've been logging the amount of time elapsed between catches. This way I can add up all the numbers (time) when I'm done farming the 200 Lucky Coins for Nat's booty, and then post the [active fishing hours] it takes to fish up all the Lunkers. It might be a nice feature to have a built in stop watch? And maybe be able to keep track of [active] fishing time? This would involve the add-on being able to tell if you’ve gone a few seconds (maybe 10 sec) without casting, but I think it would be kinda a nice feature to make this add-on even more useful.


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    Quote from Areko »

    1.) Functions now. Simplest way would be now

    /wi off


    /wi on

    2.) Multiple keywords exits, I assume you use the Basic module. You can add per line a keyword.

    I'm sorry, I don't understand your response. I don't know what you mean by "/wi off" and "/wi on."

    As far as using the basic module, I'm using the "advanced" settings.

    In the Advanced settings you can add more keywords; but then you have to choose ONE or another; but you can't use both. As soon as you choose one, it automatically switches to that one, and switches off the other. Maybe I'm just not getting something.

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    Hello. I have two requests.

    1) There seems to be no simple way to disable the addon so you don't get invite requests. The function to turn off invites doesn't work. My friend tested it, and after he had disabled invites, I was still able to get into his group by sending him an "invite" request. As a result, we have to completely turn off the addon in the addon control pannel, to make sure we won't get random invite requests - which could potentially remove you from a long queue if some random person asks you for an invite while questing, and don't want to be in a group.

    2) I noticed that I can only use one keywords right now to get invites. I would like to be able to say in the local channel in Ashran: "Whisper me for an invite," and have them invited no matter which way they type it. If I have it set to "invite," they may type "inv," and vice versa. This results in people having to invite them manually, which defeats the purpose of the addon—or otherwise you have to explain to people what needs to be typed in, which is troublesom...

    (...i.e. I was testing out the addon and asked a friend to "ask me for a group invite." No matter how well I thought I was explaining it, they couldn't understand what I was asking them to do. I finally gave up on them and asked a different friend. This is not what you want to deal with while forming a group, just because the addon you're using only allows you to use one keyword, resulting in you having to either explain the process, or invite them manually, which defeats the addon).

    So could you please make an optional default settings checkbox that allows people to use both of the two most commonly used keywords "invite" AND "inv," at the same time? This would be much appreciated, and would simplify things when forming groups out in the world, outside of your guild.

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    Could you please add Highmaul Relics to the treasures.

    Someone listed a bunch of the spawn points on wowhead in the comments (I added one).


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