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    I finally took some time to really look into the search situation. I've known about the issues with search, and it isn't on your end. I was able to implement a few improvements which I hope to get uploaded soon/today. Let me know if you encounter any issues then.

     Thank you so much, I am going to update tonight when I get a chance.  I will let you know if I run into problems still.  Thanks for updating.
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    For months now this addon stops working whenever I try to filter by item.  It will glitch out and no longer be able to show any items at all when I use the filter to search for specific items.  I don't know what causes this, but it's been an issue for quite some time now.


    I've been trying to just deal with it and work with it (typically, I will use the appearances list and add items directly to sets I am looking at, but this isn't ideal).  If this is a known issue, please fix.  If not, and I can provide data, please let me know.  I don't know how, but I will be happy to help.


    For reference, the addon doesn't crash or have any given errors that I can see, it just stops functioning.  Once I reduce the items listed (searching by item name on filter) the items just show the model of whatever was showing before I applied the filter, and after that I can do nothing to fix it.


    If the issue is on my end or is a compatibility issue, I'd love to know as Mogit is more important to me necessarily than other addons I might be using.  I've been hoping for an update for a while now so if this is infact something that needs to be fixed, I'd love to see it fixed as this makes the addon borderline unusable for me -- the only way I can use it is by searching entire catalogues which is a bit much.

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    Quote from EquinoxHS >>
    Anyway, are you going to update it to 7.1.5?
     I certainly can't (and won't) speak for the authors, but the listed project managers and maintainers, only one of the three has been active within a month.  I am not sure what is going on, but they have not been active in a while, so you may need to wait a while longer before this addon gets officially updated for 7.2. 
    Oddly enough, this addon has not even been updated for 7.1.5 despite a few requests that it be done, so I have no idea how long it will take.  Sorry.
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     Is there any chance that artifact skins will be added to this?  I use them for some of my characters, but mogit does not function correctly with them.  It does not show any skin besides the default one, and for artifacts with two parts (sword & shield for instance) I can only show one of them.


    If this is impossible/not planned in the foreseeable future, that's okay.  I still deeply appreciate mogit and can work around it.  However, if it's something that's being planned that would be most excellent and a feature I would utilize heavily.


    Also, if there was a way to 'freeze' character animations when comparing items that would also be great.  Some of the races simply can't stand still and it drives me nuts.  A small change, but it would make a big difference for me.

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