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    Hi man, great addon first of all. So thank you!

    I have however been noticing a problem, sometimes when I log in then three adjustable ranks have been reseted.

    They are all at 0% and I have to go in to settings and manually drag them to ur recommended default settings.



    It also happens randomly ingame when I am alrdy logged in and playing.

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  • posted a message on Hekili

    Hi man!


    First of all, best bloody addon in the game.

    Use it for my main ret and recently started to use it on my new brewmaster.


    My question is regarding the defence rotation for brewmaster,

    It tells me to spam Ironskin Brew which is fine, and tells me to use Expel Harm when I am low health which is great aswell.

    But it never recommends me to use Purifying Brew, never seen that icon pop up in the defence que.


    Have I messed up any settings or is this something I have to learn myself?

    When to use it that is.


    Thank you once again!

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  • posted a message on ConsLegion

    Dude, what an addon.
    Belluargaming made a video about it so I had to check it out and god damn its so perfect.

    Easy to customize and simple to do so.


    I think I havent even opened the map once since I installed this addon, I dont have to think anymore just follow the arrow and the description.


    This must have taken a long time to do, so thank you sir.

    I'll make sure to donate closer to Christmas, bless you!

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    Thank you sir! Love you

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  • posted a message on Hekili

    I just want to say thank you truly, I have used CLCret for many years and when he stopped updating it I got really worried.

    Then someone on his commentpage told us about you and THANK YOU SIR!

    Really made my life easy as ret again.

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  • posted a message on Retribution FCFS helper (clcret)

    Please do, we love your work. Its the best addon I have ever used and it helped me since cataclysm.

    I can also donate if you want that!

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  • posted a message on Retribution FCFS helper (clcret)

    Hi sir, first of all thank you. When I started to use this addon back in Cataclysm it changed the way I played, I was able to maximixe my dps, everything became more simple and more fun.

    This is by far the best addon I´ve ever used as retri paladin have been my main forever.

    Could you please find the time to update this?

    As other posts mentioned and by the expertise of Icyveins, Serpahim is the top single target dps choice atm.

    Currently I place a big actionbar with Seraphim above your rotation window so I dont forget it, but it still isnt as easy as it would be if you would include it.

    Thank you again and hope you find the time to continue this awesome addon.


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