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    I love this addon, and am very exited to se the things listed under "coming soon" get implemented! (especially the synergy with PetBattle Teams)

    If I may make a suggestion? The 'background' that encompass the pet unit frames is a tad large, could it perhaps be slimmed down somehow? (atm it will overlap other ui elements if you position the unit frames very close to them, which is not a problem as far as visibility is concerned, but you cannot click through it. admittedly not a huge deal, but it was something I noticed)

    Also the auto-hide function seems to work only one-way, for me at least; it hides the frames when I join an instance, but it does not show them again when I leave it (have to manually toggle it on again, and there's another thought btw; instead of /pbh show/hide, why not use a 'toggle'?)

    Keep up the great work! Pretty please :)

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