• posted a message on Favorite Contacts

    I've been looking for an addon like this for years! Would you consider adding a description box for each contact? So you can put in notes like what guild they're in, or whose alt they belong to, etc.. That would make this addon 100% perfect!

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  • posted a message on Deadly Boss Mods Profiles

    I noticed when I have this addon enabled, my cutscenes in the game don't play anymore after the very first time for some reason.

    After testing by turning addons on and off then starting the spine fight in Dragon Soul, (talking to the guy triggers cutscene with the little army parachuting on Deathwing's back) I've narrowed it down to this addon. disabled and the cutscenes play fine, enabled and it immediately skips it.

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  • posted a message on BattlePetCount

    what does the "Show battle pet border notice icon" do?

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  • posted a message on TargetPercent

    I too would like to remove the decimal.

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  • posted a message on X-Perl UnitFrames

    is there a /slash command to load profiles? when I go from windowed mode to fullscreen, certain frames get out of place, but going into /xperl and simply clicking the load button on the profiles fixes it.

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  • posted a message on LiteMount

    the only thing missing from making this addon perfect is an option to use ground mounts if holding shift or ctrl

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  • posted a message on BindPad
    This is a nice addon. The only thing missing that would make it even better, is the ability to use /click with the macros made, for those bigger or more complicated macros. something like:
    /click Bind Pad Macro (100)

    that way you can use those 2-part macros without keybinding part2 or wasting an actionbar space for it
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