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    Valor upgrades weren't showing for me either, so I took a look at the code and believe I've got a working file.  This is a mod to the current TOC 60200 (v6.2.3) so the timewarped items should still work (tested and Steak approved).

    Needs to go in Interface\Addons\Examiner\Libs\GetUpgradedItemLevel.lua

    Source: http://pastebin.com/9u7v2vDu

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    I assume an update is on the way, but if you want to quickly mod your files to show the new Valor currency, simply crack open Broker_Currency.lua and make the following changes:

    After line 115, add:
    VALOR = 1191,

    After line 168 (line # after above edit), add:

    That should get you summary and detail Valor entries to track the currency (in the Miscellaneous category).

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    Just have to say, I think this addon is not only a great benefit for keeping bar/spec config streamlined but also extremely well executed.  I can tell you put a lot of time into the GUI and making it as easy as possible to use given its level of complexity.  Kudos for sure, really great work.

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    One of my favorite mods, quick access to abilities that you don't want cluttering your screen all the time but that you need to get to easily. 

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    I've got a tweak that converts that status code to a colorized AFK/DND and also reports "Mobile" for people on via a mobile app (instead of reporting a capital city, that was getting a little cofusing).  Any where I can post this for people?

    Edit: I put it up on filehosting.org.  All you have to do is go into your LDB_Guild folder and replace the lua file with the one you download (named the same).  I'd recommend backing up the old one just as good practice.


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