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    i only just noticed that the set rotation to match character option is missing from the border customisation panel. Was this removed or is my sexymap broken? I've just created the perfect profile for me but it just falls short without the right rotation.

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    My auras are only showing up in alpha.green square background on all images. My custom auras aren't displaying either but i'm not really concerned about that. This began after a reformat and fresh install of WoW, Curse & Power Auras. Here's a sample string in case it sheds some light to whatever the hell i'm doing wrong/overlooking.
    Version:4.14; b:0; anim1:12; g:0.0627; icon:Spell_Fire_Fireball02; buffname:Decimation; x:17; texture:6; alpha:1; size:0.82; y:-9; anim2:3
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