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    I really want to use this mod combined with hunger overhaul (plants only grow in sunlight)  to force the player to build protected greenhouses on the surface. Problem is even if I set up glass to be unbreakable the tornado still grabs the blocks underneath it. There seems to be no way to have vulnerable blocks see the sky and not allow them to be destroyed by tornadoes. Any help?


    Current config:

    # Use a list of blocks instead of grabbing based on calculated strength of block

    # Grab blocks based on how well a diamond axe can mine the block, so mostly wooden blocks
    S:Storm_Tornado_GrabList=planks, leaves, crop, plant, cactus, reed, mushroom, farm

    # Treat block grab list as a blacklist instead of whitelist

    # Prevents tearing up of dirt, grass, sand and logs, overrides all other conditions

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