• posted a message on Quick Talents

    Would really wish the addon could save its location or have a profile to do so dragging the addon in the right spot countless times is annoying.

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  • posted a message on Quest Map with Details

    Not sure if the behavior is intended or not but when you have a quest details showing, you cannot click on the "+" and "-" buttons to expand zones you can however click on quest from already expanded zones but yet again can't minimize those feels and unintended design hopefully you can fix/change it would be nice.


    And Elvui seems to have a transparent backdrop if the skin is enabled.

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  • posted a message on Premade Filter

    needs ToV and Nighthold boss filters

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  • posted a message on Auto Confirm Static Popups

    Please add this one:



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  • posted a message on Broker WorldQuests

    When "Hide faction column" is enabled the column still seem to somewhat retain its width and not just adjust to the faction's icon.

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  • posted a message on OrderHallCommander

    there is a problem not sure whats the cause but when the addon is enabled you cant pickup starter quest for new zones from the scouting map tab from your mission table

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  • posted a message on Immersion

    @MunkDev there seem to be a problem with the reward window backdrop not fitting the rewards properly when turning in a quest with multiple rewards but works fine when displaying a quests completion rewards, used to be fine before last couple of updates. Attached an image of the issue(did run Immersion with and without any other addons running).

     Also since there is this problem i wanted to suggest the idea of using just the newly designed reward icons and/or add an option to disable the item name, to keep the look minimal goes a lot more with the addon theme. Attached an image below to explain what i'm suggesting


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  • posted a message on Broker Garrison & Order Hall

    Would be nice if we can show the Troops in the custom LDB text 

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  • posted a message on OneClickEnchantScroll

    OneClickEnchantScroll Error: Interface\AddOns\AddOnSkins\Core\API.lua:165: attempt to index local 'Button' (a nil value)

    Seems to be working fine apart from that error.

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  • posted a message on BigDumbLootCouncil

    How can i move the roll request window from the right side? There is no command to lock or unlock the window's position even tho the main session window is movable by default.

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