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    Could you add it so that for german locales (or generally depending on what is easier/better) it looks for "Twink <name>" instead of "<name>'s alt" when looking for alt information in the guild notes?

     I tried fixing it myself but I'm so very horrible with regular expressions :( 

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  • posted a message on PallyPower
    If you read the description you get the answer to your question.
    See what others are buffing: Should be in/gets improved (reply to post below)
    Change buff on individual people: Blessings are now raidwide if you didn't notice by now (which wow..would be impressive)
    Configuration: Is done on the fly and because of the simplification of the whole paladin buff system doesn't need much configuration
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    Looks like an attempt to add a click-to-run feature.
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    It makes me think a bit. I would be really really screwed without addons like altoholic and oPie. I mean I *can* play without oPie, but I just don't *ever* want to play without altoholic anymore.
    Quite dependent :/
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  • posted a message on Advanced Trade Skill Window
    I love this addon! But recently I accidently moved the window out of the screen (don't ask me how..I must be gifted in destroying things) and now I cant get it back.
    How can I reset the window position? I already tried reinstalling and even deleting saved variables..nothing worked.
    Please help me!
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