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    Open the lua file in notepath, ctrl+f for (scrollid), should highlight a line for you. Remove this bit: ["ScrollId"], should fix scrolls
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    I've always been using auctionator together with auctioneer (both are really great at different things). Recently i found this nifty util plugin for auctioneer called BigPicture (calculates your total worth based on your auctions and stock, good for keeping an eye on your progress towards the cap). This auctioneer plugin creates an extra tab in the AH window and this seems to be causing a problem with auctionator.

    The BigPicture tab is placed right in front of auctioneers BeanCounter tab.
    The auctioneer BeanCounter then tab sort of becomes a merge between the beancounter tab and the auctionator Buy tab (BeanCounter overlays Auctionator Buy).
    The auctioneer Buy tab becomes the auctionator Sell tab, the auctionator Sell tab becomes the More tab and the More tab is empty.

    I've read somewhere else that this might be caused by having to many tabs in the auction house frame, however I when i enable an addon like Market Watcher (adds 2 tabs aswell, only they get placed after auctionator instead) it works just fine. No problems either when I disable Auctionator and enable BigPicture and Market Watcher together.

    I suppose i could just turn off BigPicture when i intend to use Auctionator and turn of Auctionator when i intend to watch my money making progress, but this is hardly ideal.

    Does any1 know an other fix for this? Does Auctionator recognise that Auctioneer is being used and thus thinks it should start on the 8th AH tab (3 standard tabs + 4 Auctioneer tabs) and can I change a number in the code somewhere to make it start in the 9th (3 standard tabs + 5 Auctioneer tabs)?

    Thanks in advance
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