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    Now 9.1 is out i just used the old WoWStyle Files and it works great. The only problem is that the Healthbars now don't show up. But I am fine with it.

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    Thanks so much for (still) updating your Mod!

    I love it so much. Its not only that I am familiar with the colours because of Wow. I just think this colours (1000-1200 green, 1200-1400 blue and so on) benefits VERY MUCH more to non pro gaming players.

    I noticed most of the time that there is already a huge skill difference between people >1000 Rating and People with 1000-1200. So i think people with 1000-1200 are already good players, because many players do not reset their XVM stats so they cant get to 1600 stats even though the last 1000 battles they have such a high statistic. So green is a good colour for them.

    And the other thing is: Grey and white colours instead of red from the normal XVM looks very much less depressing.

    So again thank you for the Mod (and that you will/are making it still working with the patch)!

    Sorry for my english.



     With your update the Mod is working again thanks.

    But the Color Ratings are broken now. (a player with 365 Rating is green colored now)

    I guess it is because you haven't updated xvm as you said.

    For a workaround I changed it by myself but dont really know who to handle the WN 8 Stats compared to the WN 7 Ratings before.

    So I can't wait for your Files.

    I have one Question: Isn't there a way to Rate only the "Last 1000 Battles" XVM Stats of every Player?

    This would make the Playerskill statistic more efficient. At the moment we have 2 statistics: 1 of players who haven't reseted their XVM Stats and 1 who did.

    But I guess I have to ask the XVM Modders that question, right?


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