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    A Question, and here seems like the right people to ask.


    In the OrderHall there are Recruiters, the Artifact Knowledge Researcher, and the Class Hall Upgrades Location (Scrolls and Book, as icons on the minimap.)


    Is there an option, or add-on, to hide those icons?


    An add-on to selectively hide the icon, based on the availability to use the character/function would be even better.  For example:  If there are no more class hall upgrades, hide the book, if you don't need to recruit troops, hide that recruiters' scroll. 


    An even better add-on might Add icons when the Arms Maker or Buff Providor has an open work slot.  To this I might also add a forge icon when the forge should be used on the equipped artifact. 


    I fully release my IP to anyone that wants to create such a mod to handy-notes if they are capable.  If it already exists, can someone point me to it, I've already tried a variety of searches. 

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  • posted a message on Broker Artifact


    make it start rounding to the x.x million when it gets there.

    or at least add the option to do so, we can always mouse over to see more exacting numbers, but right now it EATS a huge chunk of my bar and I can't find any options to change it.

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    Is there an action button, or macro script I can bind to the action button that will do the fishing buddy cast, where it will lure if needed, and if not cast....


    I've built a fishing macro that does and checks some other things and it would be nice to use the inbuilt fishing buddy instead of the wow fishing button.

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    So wildstar is totally missing a good top bar, i feel this is a good place to start, a queue bar that shows what you are queued in, as well as time and estimated time...all in a streamlined micro bar you can put where you want.  it's pretty close to that now, but timers are broken, and all other broken functionality could just go away.  the re queue would be nice be not needed that bad.  ctr-click to move and right-click to open carbine's expedition/adventure/dungeon window

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    7/20/16  new error

    ui\Vendor\Vendor.lua:810: attempt to index field 'wndVendor' (a nil value)
    stack trace:
        ui\Vendor\Vendor.lua:810: in function 'ShowAlertMessageContainer'
        ...ildStar\Addons\Erns_Junk_Repair\Erns_Junk_Repair.lua:102: in function <...ildStar\Addons\Erns_Junk_Repair\Erns_Junk_Repair.lua:85>

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    FIXED, code pull request ready

    add require "MatchMakingLib"

    change all MatchingGame. to MatchMakingLib.




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  • posted a message on BetterRaidFrames

    BRF appears to be broken with the patch this last week.  Is there an api fix for it.


    the error is connected to matchinggame a nil value.

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    how about all the missing stuff like

    /quit & /exit for full exit

    /camp, /logoff, or /lo for switch character

    and call this missing commands or something like that

    /target <unit> isn't there either for that matter.


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